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Is your Busy-ness is growing and business is not?

Is your business people-dependent rather than process-dependent?

Is your business is running only on word of mouth?

Then you're reading the right thing. I have a program for you that will on 3 solutions that every Businessman should have.


Here you will discover

1. How to become an entrepreneur from solopreneur

2. How to increase your team's productivity overnight

3. A complete guaranteed X-RAY of your business.


Get ready to unlock the biggest business secrets hold by the MNC's me in Raipur at the


Sunday, 19 January 2020

Hotel Courtyard Marriott, Raipur

11:30 am to 5:30 pm.


This registration can become the last time you would

need to register for a growth seminar.

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Download our E-book on

"How to find new business ideas?"

I started training in the year 2009. I am a young entrepreneur coach and business consultant who has helped many businesses to grow in a few weeks, I help lakhs of entrepreneurs through my online sessions and videos.

I`ve done my MBA  from Delhi and I am a certified NLP practitioner, having the certification by the American society of NLP which is a language to understand the human mind.  


About me

Jitesh Manwani
Business coach



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