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1. How to become an entrepreneur from solopreneur

2. How to increase your team's productivity overnight

3. A complete guaranteed X-RAY of your business.

Sunday, 19 January 2020

Hotel Courtyard Marriott, Raipur

11:30 am to 5:30 pm.

Turn your growing busy-ness into growing business


Millionaire's business skills

Business Automation

Business X-ray

How will this help you?

  • You will be able to save up to 2 hrs every day from your precious time so that you can focus on future growth

  • You'll be able to multiply your team’s productivity and increase your profits

  • You ‘ll be able to strike the hammer at the right place in your business to multiply your income 

  • You ‘ll learn the fundamentals to automate your business so you can spend more time with your family

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I started training in the year 2009. I am a young entrepreneur coach and business consultant who has helped many businesses to grow in a few weeks, I help lakhs of entrepreneurs through my online sessions and videos.

I`ve done my MBA  from Delhi and I am a certified NLP practitioner, having the certification by the American society of NLP which is a language to understand the human mind.  

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Our Happy Faces

vinod parihar.png

Vinod Parihar

IT business

40% growth from the first month of implementation of  teachings

abhishek .png

Abhishek Gour

Motivational Speaker

I had a lot of confusion in my business and mind due to which I couldn't focus on building it. Jitesh Sir sorted it all out. 


Jitesh Gupta 

Headache Tutorial

With so much versatility,  Jitesh has always ensured to provide the maximum value to mentees and anyone who came across him.

Nikhil Sevakhani

Event Manager

My life totally changed, I am in love with my business more than ever. By applying all techniques, I will grow 20X

Maneesh Ramnani

Baba cups

I learned a lot of things like taking corrective action and managing the business and personal life. I will strongly recommend this program to all of you

Raj Shamani

Keynote Speaker

Jitesh never fails to astonish me with deep researched and practical solutions. If you execute what he says in a correct manner, you will surely fly high

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