Test your Entrepreneurship skills

Grab your pen and paper and answer these 7 questions to find how good your Entrepreneurial skills are

1- Is your product or service is for specific people (niche) or for everyone?

A- NICHE                B- EVERYONE

2- Do you have more margins than your competitors?

A- MORE                B- LESS          C- EQUAL

3- Are you doing your business full time or part-time?

A- FULL TIME                B- PART TIME

4- Are you considered the smartest in your business team all the time?

A- YES                B- NO          

5- Is your revenue increasing every quarter?

A- YES                B- NO          C- DON'T KNOW

6- When you started, did you believe in keeping an employee for a particular task so that you can delegate properly?

A- YES                B- NO

7- Do you have a good knowledge of all the department function of your business?

A- YES               B- NO