10 Productivity Hacks for Youth

(Jitesh Manwani is a business coach and consultant based in Indore. Also in his long span of career, Jitesh has been a Corporate Trainer, Motivation Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Leadership Management Consultant, Life Coach and also a Career Coach in Indore)

Productivity is nothing but the efficiency of an individual in terms of his or her output in a specific time. These days it is very important to give our best and to handle multitasking to prove our ability and expertise. If you want to be productive, then you have to finish your work faster and more efficiently, but how can you finish your 12hrs of work in 9hrs?

Follow the below Best Productivity Hacks that will change your life forever and maintain a proper balance in your business or at your office

1. Laptop on stand and keyboard and elbow at 90- degree angle

It is very important to have a comfortable seating arrangement to work peacefully and execute better ideas if you can’t sit for a long time in your office then your productivity will come down. Most people can’t sit for a long time because of wrong sitting position. The best way to sit without pain is to place your laptop parallel to your eyes so that you don’t have to bend your neck. There should be a 90-degree angle between keyboard and elbow. Your back should be straight for which you will need external keyboard and mouse. Keep the laptop on stand and keyboard and elbow at 90degree angle so that you don’t have to bend your neck. Sitting comfortably and working without stress will help you to focus more on work. If your posture is good, getting rid of stress is equally important. To know how to do best without stress check the below link which helps you to get out of your stress


Your posture is now good but what about eye fatigue?

2. IRIS App

Blue light emitted from your screen can be removed by the IRIS app. IRIS app converts the blue light into yellow and reduces your eye fatigue. It is popular app for eye protection and to improve productivity. It is a very simple app and easy to use. This helps to reduce pressure on your eyes and regulate blue light and you can use computer for longer time without headaches. Same with mobile phone screen and it is better to keep the mobile screen in night mode and dim the screen to improve your eye health.

3. WhatsAppWeb

Now a day’s people use WhatsApp rather than email for business. People receive more WhatApp messages than calls or emails. It becomes difficult to work on both computer and mobile to send replies simultaneously. Whatsapp web is much better and quick way to use on your PC than to use on your mobile, you can work for long on WhatsApp web without getting tired and distracted. You just need to scan your QR code to get logged into WhatsApp web. All features available in your mobile can be accessed through the WhatsApp web. Typing of messages is much easier as you use keyboard and sending PDFs or pasting links is much easier than sending from your mobile.

4. WhatsApp Business for quick replies

If you need to type the same message to everyone on WhatsApp like NEFT details, office address and email address or website then you need to convert your WhatsApp into WhatsApp business. You can do it by downloading the WhatsApp business app and a quick reply option will be activated Convert WhatsApp into WhatsApp business to send repeated messages. Download WhatsApp business and a quick reply option will be activated. Save time and work more. There is a very small article shared in the below link on WhatsApp business which helps to understand its features and uses.


5. Whatsapp voice messages

With the growing technology, there is no need to keep typing messages and wasting your time you have the option of recording and sending messages. Messages can also be replaced with calls by sending WhatsApp voice messages. Just open a chat, tap and hold microphone and start recording your voice and send to the person. It also helps in saving time and better communication. You can record for 15 min and your voice files are saved in the WhatsApp folder.

6. Color note for note sync

Many times we type notes on mobile and think to take actions on those activities but it will never reach PC and we tend to forget and tasks remain unattended. The best solution is Color Note APP. It is a simple and amazing notepad app. It is used to organize all the activities in one place and you can type emails, messages, memos and even shopping lists. This is a useful app for our daily tasks. If we type in color note apps, it directly syncs all the notes to personal computer color note app and you can easily execute the pending tasks. As ideas are nothing Execution is the king.

7. Stylus when using the phone for long

Most dangerous among all is cervical pain. These days because of our lifestyle and habits we are prone to cervical pain at very young age. Cervical pain means pain behind neck and back.We usually get this as we are on our mobile.It is very tough to work without mobile phones these days but to reduce the pressure on your neck it is better to keep a stylus in with you and use it. Stylus should be an important item in your pen stand to get rid of cervical pain when working for long on your mobile.

It’s really hard to come out of mobile phone addiction but it is not impossible. You can use it for important work and try not getting addicted to it. There is an article given in the below link which helps you to get rid of your mobile phone addiction.


If you read and follow the above article, you can definitely come out with it.

8. 3M ear protector

3M ear protector is a foam earplug that reduces ear canal pressure and acts as hearing protection at workplace. They are sweat and humidity-resistant and they are firm and stay in place. It helps to work peacefully even when it’s noisy around you. If you need a silence zone, wear this and get back to your work. Avoid earphones as listening to music for long will damage your ears. There are many brands available in the market. You can browse the below link to know about the varieties and their costs


9. To do list change of activity is important

Your to-do list must have some variety. It is very important to complete all the activities in to-do list but if you sit on same job for a long time it results in fatigue and boredom. Sitting for long hours becomes monotonous and you get tired. Try taking breaks as it actually improves concentration and if you are tired of working on computer then take important calls in between or schedule meetings with your subordinates. Keep changing your activities and you will not get bored. Keep changing your activities to re-energize yourself. It will help in finishing all your tasks and at the same time help you to focus on the work.

10. Motivational songs

Sometimes there will be too much work pressure. There will be ongoing projects and you will be over flooded with work. At that time, you will reach a stage where you start giving up. The best solution to come out of it will be listening to motivational songs. Music has power to heal and nowadays there are many songs composed to motivate according to the situation. It is proved that classical music helps to improve IQ. Just relax, feel the music and feel the words and get back to work. There are motivational songs to listen while you are in gym, songs for students and even at your workplace. The Below link provides you a list of songs that motivate you at your work.


In your free time, you can also read the success stories of people who really inspire you and energize you to increase your productivity. These stories make you understand that life is full of complications and you should have patience and work towards your goal to achieve success. The below link is the story of a wonderful actor Mr.Nawazuddin Siddiqui. This story will definitely make you understand that life is not very tough to understand but need to be focused on what you want to get and you will definitely get it one day.


These hacks will really help to improve productivity and try using those hacks which you were not using before. Doing best in a limited time is not rocket science but how you manage time is more important. It is always better to work smarter than putting longer hours. Doing smart is better than working hard. You could definitely feel the change and you will be able to save time to spend with your family and friends. Want to give it a try???

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