7 Ways to wake up at 6am

Do you want to know how to wake up at 6 am? You should have a reason to wake up in the early

morning which should be much stronger than your sweet morning sleep.

Here are few ways:

1. Leave your window curtains open so that light and air from outside help you to wake up. If you

are using air conditioner, then don’t set the temperature less than 22/23 degrees and use bed

sheet instead of blanket

2. Always keep a water bottle next to your bed because if you get dehydrated you may not be able

to sleep properly and wake up early

3. Set an alarm and put it far away from the table as you have to get up from your bed to stop it

and the toughest journey is to wake up from your cozy bed to cold floor and never snooze alarm

as probability of waking up fresh goes down when you snooze.

4. Always Switch off all the white lights 45 minutes before you sleep, which includes tube

lights, CFL and TV.

5. Put the mobile phone on night mode and use dim yellow lights. You would have observed five

star hotels always use dim lights instead of white light. This relaxes your brain and prepares you

to sleep

6. Always read one page of a book or magazine before you sleep as it helps you slow the mind

and gently makes you sleep

7. Set a mental clock by flashing an exact time in your mind eye. Mental clock will make your

message reach the subconscious mind to wake up early. Start following all these points to wake

up on time in the morning.

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