Art of Observation

How important is observation in life is explained with an interesting story of medical students. A surgeon was teaching dissection to the medical students of 1 st year. He was all prepared waiting for the students, with a dead pig on his table which was stinking badly and all around with flies. And this teacher was ready with knife and mask on his face. The students after entering the room gather at the corner of the room as it the room was stinking badly. Somehow later, they managed to come closer to the table and stand 5 feet away from the dead pig. Now the dean thinks how they will learn if they stand 5 feet away and he gets an idea. He removes his mask and asks his students to follow him. He then puts

the finger in the mouth of dead pig and licks it and everyone has to do this horrible job. All the students come one by one follow the dean and vomit. After half an hour everyone comes back fresh and fine. Now, everyone come very close to the dead pig with their knife as the dead pig’s stink and students become friends. Dean asks everyone that why he has made this activity? Everyone reply that dean wants to remove the disgust and unhygienic feeling and that’s why he made this activity. Dean replies that they were wrong and tells them that he has put his index finger in the pig mouth and licked the middle finger. But students put the same finger in the pigs mouth and licked it.

The moral as per dean was: when I perform the dissection I will not be able to teach you every minute detail .You has to observe small things like how to hold the knife, with what pressure I poked. You have to observe everything and learn. You have to see teachers and learn the best quality in them. That’s the level of observation a person should have. The difference between doing right and doing wrong is very thin line. Everyone should understand the difference and it comes only by observation.

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