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Business presentation is a formal way of introduction to your products or services. A company’s presentation can be given to employees for training purposes or to investors to give a brief idea of your business or directly to your customers in order to sell your products. The Presentation can be given as PowerPoint presentation, audio or visual presentation. Every entrepreneur would definitely get an opportunity to present his company’s profile in front of his audience. If you want to give your presentation in networking organizations or in front of people you should always take it as a significant opportunity and demonstrate all the necessary details and statistics. You should always be genuine and transparent while giving in a public forum and make a graceful piktochart to attract the audience. Any presentation irrespective of business or official, you should always start your presentation with the tips provided in the below link.

This blog will help you to understand the topics that have to be included in your presentation. This blog also covers a few interesting topics which will help you to sell your products. You can give a wonderful presentation and make people fell for your products, buy them and they would also like to work with you within 5 minutes of your company’s presentation if you apply all the tips listed below

The first point in your presentation should be

1.Why Buy?

Your presentation should include why should people buy your product or service with a logical solution and the first point is as it solves the problem. People generally buy your product in order to solve the problem that is called product benefit. You can decide on the problem in 3 ways. Every individual or your audience wants to spend less money, time and energy. These are the 3 big problems which you can solve.

Let us understand the problem-solving phenomenon with the help of an example of installing solar systems in your home or organization. Installing a solar system saves money. You have to give proper calculation and savings step by step. You can include yearly, monthly and not small calculations but show those calculations which have big numbers in your presentation. You should also remember not to show too big amounts as people might think that you are cheating and limit only till yearly or monthly calculations and not more than that.

If you can show a rough estimation of savings by implementing solar plant or solar system then include that as well. Try to solve customers’ problems with money, time and energy, then people will find a good reason for why should they buy your product. Click on the below link to understand how to show calculation and amounts in your presentation using a spreadsheet.

The Second part of why buy should be as it creates deep emotion. Will your product or service create deep emotion?

You should always touch the deep emotions of the customers with your products. People should always remember your product or brand for a long time. We generally see the advertisers design their ads by using memorable images that create deep emotions. Create a story and make a great impact on the audience’s mind.

Create that deep emotion, but how you will get that deep emotion? You can also create deep emotion by storytelling and narrating the examples of your customers or friends Presentation should create a deep emotion. If you create deep emotion, then people will definitely buy your product.

You should share your product’s success stories by giving examples of your customers and narrate a true story about how your product helped in solving your customer’s problems. Then it will create emotion in the minds of audiences.

Your presentation should include storytelling. Include a story that can create deep emotion in the client’s mind. Every product can create deep emotions. Think carefully if you have created any deep emotion with your client. Share the same in your presentation step by step and moment by moment, then people will get touched with your presentation.

Let us now learn about the third point

Why will people buy your product?

If they find an alternative to the current product, like offline market, if people are selling in shops or wholesale markets and you want to bring them online like e-commerce, your product would be an e-commerce provider and you would introduce and sell products online. This will be an alternative to offline. If you show them the savings or calculations, then they will be ready to buy your products.

We can understand with one more example of an alternative. We generally use paint in our houses, walls, and exteriors. An aluminum composite panel is an alternative to the paint. You can show the saving by using this alternative of paint. You should show how your product is an alternative to the existing product which will very well replace the current product.

This is the third point in showing your products or services.

Now going to the second point first is why buy and now

2. why me?

You should always try to sell your products like a consultant and create a brand in a customer’s mind. To know more about how to sell like a consultant, click on the below link

Why should we choose the person who is giving the presentation as there are many service providers and sellers?

People will choose you because you share your journey with them. If you share your journey and explain to them your passion for the product or service, then people are excited about your product because they can also relate to your journey. People relate to emotions and stories are the best way to create that emotion.

Share your journey and explain your hard work for establishing your business.

Show your passion and you can create a good presentation and will be able to get good sales from it.

Click on the below link to know the success story of Book My Show owner which is quite inspirational to the youth and mainly to the people who want to chase their dreams. You can also narrate your story like mentioned below

Second is logic, after emotion stress on logic.

What is the logic behind your product and how it is different from other products? Why people should choose you as a service provider or seller.

Then you have to show USP, your unique selling proposition.

To understand USP, I would give my example, being a business coach and consultant we generally organize a 3-day workshop for entrepreneurs and we don’t end our training in these 3 days as we know that we can’t cover everything in 3 days and we give 30days support to them. We support till 30 days on the application of all the concepts and techniques that are thought in our training in a one to one session with respect to their business. That is a USP that no trainers will give. Trainers generally give only training but we give coaching and one to one support also.

This will be why me, why should you choose me when compared to some other trainer.

Why me third part is a quality test

A case study of a quality test is given below

An event management company uses walkie talkie regularly. A manager of the company went to buy a walkie talkie from a local shop. He asked the person who is selling walkie talkie for Rs.2500/- that he is getting the same for thousand to fifteen hundred in Amazon, then the seller who was showing walkie threw the walkie talkie on the wall. The result was a walkie talkie was in good condition but the wall got damaged. He has done a quality test by showing how good his product was. You can show the quality test and show the durability of your product during your presentation then people will be surprised.

If you want to know more about the marketing techniques to show why people should buy from you and not your competitors, then click on the below link

What else you can do?

Share a case study, real-life case study where you solved a problem of your customer. There will be many case studies that resulted in business success. You can share photos and videos about your clients in your presentation, then people will be shocked and they will gain confidence through the photo or video as photo or video is evidence.

Why me fifth point is testimonials

You can show the number of testimonials you got from your clients. You can narrate the positive feedback your clients gave and if there is any video then nothing like that as they can view emotions in a video and people will get connected to the emotions. Tell about your achievements and awards. A system integrator has won one of India’s best awards and his presentation was showing his achievement as a very small award but it was a very big achievement. He should actually show and tell how big his achievement was in his sector or industry. You should describe how big your achievement is as people might not be aware of your industry. You have to tell them how important your achievement is in your sector. You can tell about media coverage or press releases. You can tell about your facility like your manufacturing unit, shop, showroom, storage and show them the size in photos, and then people will be definitely get impressed by your work. Generally moving people would not know about your backdrop and revenue. You can share revenue and how big is your client list

The third important point is

3. why now?

Why now is as to sell through your presentation. At this point give them an offer and deadline for people who are listening to your presentation. If they are your prospects and can buy your products, then immediately give them an interesting offer which you have never given before on your website or anywhere. Give them a better deal and also deadline saying that if they are booking now then they will get huge discounts

You will be amazed that if you implement the below formula of

Why buy, why me and why now, then people will buy your products immediately. You just need to give them a deadline saying that you will not get this offer. One more important point which has to be kept in mind is the confidence level and the way you are giving your presentation. Your body language should reflect the points in your presentation. Maintain proper body language while presenting yourself in front of your audience. Click on the below link to get few tips on your body language

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