Best Convincing Technique

We will learn how to convince people based on an event which happened few days before. There was a merchant from Indore who was discussing that he met a trainer who told that shops in Indore will not be opened till 11 am for which he answered that his shop will be opened by 9.30 am and it is purely based on an individual’s choice and not according to the place. Later while discussing about delegation of work he was not convinced by the point that we should do the work which is more important and delegate the remaining work to the team. His point was that he has to handle all the work as other can’t handle properly and he should always follow the process which is followed by others. Then I tried convincing him with his point saying that it will be individual’s choice about delegation and if people are good at training task, they can delegate work and focus more on important


If you understand the above strategy then you can easily convince others. Just need to know their empowering beliefs and remind them if they are going against it.

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