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Updated: Sep 18, 2019

(Jitesh Manwani is a business coach and consultant based in Indore. Also in his long span of career, Jitesh has been a Corporate Trainer, Motivation Speaker, Keynote Speaker, Leadership Management Consultant, Life Coach and also a Career Coach in Indore)

Marketing is the key factor of improving the sale of your product or service and it can make or break your business.

Marketing strategy is a science that involves step by step procedure or a plan that has to be implemented to achieve company’s goal.

You can learn how to make a brand of your products in a country like India which is not taught in any MBA courses.

Building a brand is a slow and continuous process and involves lot of research and planning. You should try all the available plans available with you as you might not know which one will give better results.

Selling and establishing a brand requires cost which has to be managed effectively. Increase of sales requires a lot of persistence and customer service should be the priority in any business. Obtaining new customers and retaining of existing customers will make any business successful. Whether you have a small shop or run a big manufacturing unit, customers only decide the fate of your business .You can follow the below link to know how to increase sales with an example of a Paan wala who was able scale his business just by his persistence and attitude

Coming to branding, we can understand the marketing strategy in a better way with the help of Mr.Darshan Patel, who is the brand maker of 16 household brands like Fogg, Crack, Moov,D-cold etc.

He used to work as marketing manager for Paras Parma but his dreams were big that his family never understood, so he left his family business and sold his 30% stake for 305 crores and started VINI products in 2009 and his first brand 18+ deodorant was introduced which was flop and dint perform well in the market and he started market research to improve his business and after lot of research he found that deodorant finishes quickly and want to give solution and in 2011 he introduced no gas deodorant which is friends of good guy and girls FOGG that lasts longer. It was a creative idea

Which attracted many deodorant users and finally it was a huge success and within the first month, 1.5 lakhs bottles were sold and currently this figure is more than 30+ lakhs.

In the same way if your idea is scalable and feel that there is scope for growth, you can follow your passion and work hard to achieve it. Money will come later but for that you should work hard to achieve it. If you too want to be successful in your business, follow the below link to know about growth strategies of the business

As per interview given by Mr.Darshan, he said that he focused on marketing first and then outsourced for manufacturing. But in general people will start manufacturing plant and then think of marketing as per the product design. Market research helped Mr.Darshan for his fast growth. He has narrated few of the Marketing tips which help in the growth of the business.

Darshan’s marketing mantras:

1. “Never do marketing from your point of view; marketing should be done from consumer point of view”

For knowing consumer point of view firstly we should do market research and Darshan never steped forward without market research even if he had thousands of business ideas. Market research will tell about what consumer wants.

He thinks marketing is a science that is a step by step process. Many people will do market research but getting conclusion out of it is very important. Good position is only achieved when you find enemy in consumers mind. You should clearly understand about consumer habits, perception, behavior, habits and then plan about product, packing and marketing strategies. This will help you to launch the product as per the customer requirements.

Business without understanding market always lands business in trouble. We have seen many units which are running successfully like Amazon, Reliance and many more as they introduced products which solved the problems of the people Amazon provided us a platform where you can explore various items, their prices and quality. It helped their customers to compare various products sitting at home and buy products of their choice which resulted in Amazon’s success. Same way Jio helped to provide internet in the mobile which helped the user to stay connected with the net. So if you are innovative and can identify needs of your customers, you will be able to gain success in the business.

If you have many ideas and not able to understand what kind of business will earn you profits, then read the below link to have a better idea

2. “Differentiate or die” is his second mantra, which means marketing message should be different from others and highlight your product and its benefits by giving a logical message to the viewers. FOGG gave a logical message saying “more scent in the bottle, more value for money.

Show your product USP and use creative techniques to reach the audience. Always be genuine in providing your product information as it is very important to establish your brand in the long run. Creative and clear information will make business grow.

3. ”Advertisement is an investment” Darshan has invested 20% more money in advertisement than Axe and today he is market leader. We Indians often do mistake that we invest in advertisement and want instant result which is very hard.

Americans have understood this point, that’s why majority of the big brands are American brands.

Advertisement should be crystal clear in which consumers should find their benefits clearly.

Always be creative in advertising your products. With the advent of Digital media, marketing of products is becoming much easier and cost effective. There are many ways to reach your audience and market your products. Make use of social media and other digital platforms to showcase your products. Marketing cost will always be higher in the initial stage of the business and decrease as the business grows. Big business units always spend more amount on their marketing activities than their manufacturing cost.

If you are new to business and want to achieve better results, follow the below link to know latest tips and get updated

4. “Its not like that cheap products sell more”; even costly products can be sold at premium prices. Fogg’s price was set higher than other Deodorants like Axe just because his product was different. Fogg is more of perfume and less of deodorant which consumers understood and payed premium.

Customers always compare different products before they make their purchase decision. If your product is unique, then customers will not mind to pay more and buy them. Same way after sale service is also important for the retention of the customers.

5. “Two shop rule” was his fifth market mantra, which means every brand has to fight two things, first on consumer’s mind and second is on retail shelf. Darshan believes that if any consumer wants to buy new products they will not go and check more than 2 shops, so you should focus more on distribution of the product and make your product available to your target audience.

Proper distribution channel will help to scale your business and proper selection of location of your target audience will also help in improvement of your business. Franchising will reduce risk but direct marketing will always help when you are in the initial stage of your business as it helps to understand the customers better and implement changes as per their needs.

6.”Instant relief strategy” is his sixth and last mantra, just like Dermi cool powder gives instant relief from rashes in summer and fairness creams will take 3 weeks to give fairness and white tone will give instant fair tone which lasts for 4 to 5 hours. Same way, if you want to make a successful brand than always think about a successful brand maker of your field and study his/her time and energy to become successful. Chances would be high that you will have to spend more or less of that time to achieve success.

With the growing innovations and technology, there are many opportunities to be successful .Building a brand of your product takes lot of research, planning and time as it is long term process. You should be able to analyze the risk factors involved by following successful brand makers.

If want to know about effective business strategies that will result in long term benefits there is a very good article which will help in building a effective strategy for your business. Click on the below link to know about successful business plans

These are few tips that you can follow to achieve success in your business.

Vision is very important is any business and success will follow you if you set long term goals and plan a strategy to achieve them. People will generally set high goals during their initial stage of their business and give-up if they are not able to achieve them but goals should always be realistic and should motivate you to work hard and achieve them.

If you want to know how to hit 100% of your goals and become successful, you can check the below link

Success mantra is always hard but not impossible. Proper planning and execution will always takes towards the winning edge.

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