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Updated: Jan 8, 2020

BNI means Business Network International and it is a platform where people will network with 30 to 40 members and improve business. Every week there will be a small meeting organized by BNI generally in the morning and if any of the business is facing a challenge for any reason like lack of good vendors, good customers, good network or any good references and being a part of business networking International, they will help you in finding solutions and you can also solve your issues by discussing with other chapter members. The meetings will always start on time and end on time, so there will be no scope of wasting time by joining BNI. It helps in developing relationships and referrals in business. If you want Join BNI and learn more, then click on the below link

The main reasons to consider BNI and join BNI groups

1.Unaffected working hours: BNI networking happens in the morning by 8. Generally in India, regular office routine starts after 9.30 am. Networking will happen in unaffected office hours. People can generally attend the BNI meeting and attend the office. There will be no waiting or delaying and meetings will always start on time

2.More connectivity: You will be able to connect with more than 40 people at once. Generally, there will be 40+ people in a meeting and everyone can sit together and discuss business-related issues. It is always an advantage to connect with more people in a limited time and there will also will more scope of networking. You can win over your competitors as only one person from a business group is allowed in a chapter. You will also get referrals from the BNI group and have a scope to improve your sales through your connections at BNI.

3. Around successful people: You are around professional and successful people, To be a member of BNI people have to pay some amount and you will be getting serious people whom you can network and BNI meetings will happen in good star hotels. If you are there in that avenue, you can easily connect with other people in the hotel and improve your contacts. Word of mouth is possible through BNI and you can exchange quality referrals. It is one of the cost-effective ways of marketing as it helps in getting quality referrals.

4.Early morning routine and discipline: One of the very powerful reasons is it makes you wake up early at least once a week and gets to discipline as we have to work according to BNI and follow their rules. It is very important to have discipline and regular routine and BNI puts discipline for every member. This will allow saving the time of every member of the group. Early morning routine makes a person active and energetic throughout the day. If you want to know the ways to wake up in the morning, then click on the below link.

5.Trustable vendors: You will be able to meet 40 different people who belong to different professions like marketing, production, management. The group is so formed that no 2 professionals are the same and you can find good vendors for your business. No member will be concerned about another member of their industry receiving referrals. You can also distribute your business cards to the members outside your group or chapter. You can even get to know about people beyond the members of BNI as they might have their own connections.

6.Start New Business: If you want to start a new business and are confused about what business you want to start, then BNI is a place to get good ideas. It gives an opportunity where you can register yourself in one category of business and in that group you meet 40 other people and understand if you want to change your business or not. There will be scope for experiments and exploring at a young age and by joining here you can see many people handling different business and you can check your connectivity with their business. If you think you are capable of doing other business then you can shift your venture or start a new venture. Rather than trying all options you will get to know new ideas quickly by discussing with others, knowing their challenges, comparing your strengths and find if you can match their level and finally think about starting a new business. If you want to quit the job and start a new venture of your own, then click on the below link to have a basic idea of how to start a business.

7. Understand pain areas of different business: Every business is about marketing and BNI is a tool of networking and marketing and when we meet with many people in the BNI group regularly and discuss with them about your business, you can understand the pain area of different businesses and you can decide the marketing message of your product according to them. They will discuss everything in the meeting and you will understand the pain areas and you can design your business plan accordingly. To know about basic pain areas of any business, click on the below link

8. Make like-minded friends: You will be able to meet with like-minded people and having similar values. There will always be a scope that a BNI member will become a good friend. BNI teaches to develop relationships that will in mutual benefit in improving their business links.

9.Professional help in 70+ countries: BNI is spread across many countries and you can get professional help from those countries. You will have a website where you can connect with different people around the world in the BNI network. You can also make use of word of mouth publicity and also have a scope to spread your business. Building networking is very important and if you want to understand more about the importance of networking click on the below link

10.Customer collaboration and batters: you will get customers and references that are the main agenda of BNI and you can even get customers in the same room. You can work together for the improvement of your business in collaboration and you can barter your products or services with other group members. Referrals are the key in BNI and it helps giving business to its members

11.Authority: BNI comes with an authority and you should be flexible and accept the authority from BNI. A mutual support system helps each other increase business by giving each member referrals.

Now the total members in BNI are around 24,000 in 8500 places worldwide.BNI is the world’s leading referral organization.BNI member referrals have generated more than 13 billion dollars in revenue for member businesses. The mission of BNI is to help members increase their business through a structured, positive and professional referral marketing program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals. The success of BNI groups or chapters depends on the people. There will be a scope of business improvement with more people joining and becoming members. There will be more referrals as the chapter grows.

Now that we know about BNI and how it improves the business, we will also understand who is a real entrepreneur and how his attitude should be in order to succeed in any business.

Who is a real entrepreneur?

The present world is full of start-ups, e-commerce and everyone is quitting their job at a very young age and becoming an entrepreneur. In order to succeed in any business, an entrepreneur should possess the below qualities

An entrepreneur is a person who plans for his coming 5 years of success when others are planning for their weekend. An Entrepreneur should be stubborn to achieve success. His attitude should be that he will be successful not immediately but definitely. He should make impossible tasks possible. He should be passionate about the business and its success. He will be successful when others just keep thinking. He is a person with a focus on his work. He will not do a regular 9 to 5 job and sacrifice all his choices for his business. He should be a person who will put all his efforts into success and should be analyzing his competitors. He is a person with a great vision and analyses competitors. He should be capable of making a great business plan. He should have a great vision. He will also work towards improving the country’s economy.He also helps others by showing them job opportunities.

Being an entrepreneur is not an easy task and at the same time, not a tough job but you should be passionate about your work and focus on your goal. The Government is also encouraging startups and proving benefits for them. If you want to know the policies from the government click on the below link

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