Decoding Body Language Secrets

Updated: Oct 21, 2019

Body Language is a type of communication through physical gestures or body movements. It is a non-Verbal communication where movements of the body are used to express a person’s intentions. It includes gestures, facial expressions, hand and leg movements, and body posture. We use it in all our social life and used to communicate a message to another person. Body language is controlled by our subconscious mind and may not be in accordance with your words. Observant people can easily identify the difference and conclude what you are actually feeling.

We can understand the intentions of a person more clearly by looking at his/her body language. There is an old saying that a person can lie but his eyes can never lie. This is the power of body language. You can make body language your superpower to understand more about individuals.

There is a science to read a person. We can read any person through his body language only if we have knowledge about their body language. Irrespective of any field, it is very important to know and understand body language. The corporate sector gives utmost importance to body language and any bad sign may lead to huge losses in business or at the workplace. It is very important to maintain a positive body language.

We generally communicate 35% verbally and remaining non- verbally, so knowledge about body language is very important. Click on the below link to understand the importance of body language in our day to day life:

In this blog, we will learn about a few gestures and also understand the behaviour of a person as per his/her body language. Few of the gestures are given below:

Crossed arms Gesture

This gesture is seen in a person

If a person is feeling cold, then he might cross his arms to keep himself warm

He is not agreeing with you or not interested in your conversation and he is closed for arguments

He is sitting with a stranger and doesn’t want to open up with them

The crossed arm gesture is generally decoded as the person is insecure or not comfortable. People will cross their arms to comfort themselves.

If you are in conversation with anyone and feel the opposite person is sitting with crossed arms, then you should understand that you have to make him comfortable and then continue your conversation

Pain in the neck gesture

This gesture is seen if a person is

Not comfortable and something is there is his mind which is troubling him

When a person is frustrated and angry, they generally show this gesture

If you are talking to someone and they use this gesture, then you should understand that you are irritating him or something is troubling him and he is not focusing on your discussion.

If you are really busy and your colleague disturbs you, then you generally tend to show this gesture.

Correct gaze at the correct time

Facial expressions become very important when you are expressing your emotions to others. Movements of eyes, chin, nose, eyebrows and, lips help to understand different moods of individuals. Sometimes people will not take you seriously even if you are scolding them, this is because you are not able to portrait your anger in your eyes and giving a friendly gaze. Our face is divided into 2 triangles, eyes and forehead is the upper triangle and nose till chin is the lower triangle. Basing on the way you look at the person and speak will make others understand your intent of the speech.

If you want to be friendly with someone, then keep your view from eyes, nose till their lips which is a lower triangle.

If you want to show your anger to someone then you have to give them a rude gaze, keep your view from their eyes till forehead. Upper triangle view is rude gaze and lower triangle view is a friendly gaze

If you want to give a romantic look to any person, then keep your view from eyes till their chest level. It is very important to have a correct gaze at the correct time.

If you are an entrepreneur and have to deal with employees, it is very important to know about this gesture as people will understand you not only by your communication but also with your body language.

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Eye Movement

If you see a person continuously rubbing his eyes or nose and frequently pulling his collar, then you should understand that he is lying. You can understand a person by observing his eyeball movement. If a person answers your question by seeing right or top right then you should understand that he is lying to you or cooking some story or trying to tell you whatever is there in his imagination. If a person is answering by seeing left or top left then he is trying to recollect from his memory and trying to answer the correct facts.

If you are in a managerial position, then it becomes very important for you to understand if a person is telling the facts or trying to fool you. Apart from eye movement, there are other signs where you can find if a person is lying or narrating facts. If you want to know the signs to understand if a person is lying, then follow the link given below

There are many other gestures apart from above that help you to understand the behaviour of an individual in a much better way. Other body language secrets are listed below.

In real life, you should always be alert and focus on verbal and non-verbal communication. It is very important to follow what the other person is saying and also keep revising the gestures

Power Pose

Power pose represents authority or power. Standing and keeping crossed arms represents power pose

We would be seeing many powerful leaders photo in this pose. Power pose shows your confidence level and leadership traits of an individual.

There are many people who through their speech and great body language bring a great change in other’s life. If you want to learn about a motivational speaker who attracts millions of audience through his speech and also shows a great body language, then click on the below link

Superman Pose

Superman pose also represents power and authority. You generally show this pose when you have power or authority. In this pose you should always keep smiling or else you may look rude and arrogant. According to research, it is clear that superman pose builds confidence in an individual. If you are a business leader, then this pose will help you to show your confidence and your subordinates will pay more attention to your speech.

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If someone is giving a handshake and showing their attitude, then don’t bend yourself but make use of both your hands and make his hand straight so as to make him understand that he has to treat you with respect

If you step forward and bend from lower back and give a handshake, then will you look humble but if you don’t bend you will look rude. You can even guess the smile of a person and conclude if it is genuine or artificial.

If you want to look and feel more powerful than the other person, guide them till your door and give them three little tap on their back and you will gain that unconscious control over them.

Few listeners will play with their ears in their conversation. This will tell that they want to tell the other person to stop talking and that they are getting bored with them.

Generally at any party, you would try to spend with people who look interesting to you but that is not true rather you want to go to the people where your toe is pointing. Proper body language is very important as it forms an impression about you.

Apart from having great body language, you should also be productive to influence others. If you want to be more productive and like to have a proper work-life balance, then the below link that helps you to work more in less time

Maintaining a positive body language helps you in all forms of communication and has a better impact on your life. There should be proper synchronization of words and movements as people may misunderstand you. You have to practice body language so that there will be clarity of thought and expression that you show to others. It helps to influence others and create a good impression of you. The body posture, eye contact, hand movement, and all the gestures are used to understand a person and show their true feelings. It helps to have more connectivity.

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