Business Lesson from Uber Eats

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Do you understand how Uber eats delivers, RS100 sandwich for RS 80?

You should understand that the target customer for Uber is restaurant owners but not the people who

orders sandwich. They will make restaurant owners understand that Uber eats can market their


Uber may run in losses initially but in future, they may ask restaurants to sell sandwich for Rs 50 and

they will take the responsibility of selling and delivering them by fixing their own price. Every business

has a margin for marketing costs which will be given to uber and in return they assure of guaranteed

sales. Same strategy was applied to their cab owners; initially they gave huge rents for the cab owners

and reduced gradually. Uber has run in huge losses but was able to get publicity and improved their

valuation. Uber was able to improve from 48 billion dollars to 62 billion dollar in less than a year. This

should be the ideal strategy of any start up.

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