Difference Between Winner and looser

Let us learn the difference between a winner and looser with the help of the below story,

There was a village which was in drought for a long time, farmers and villagers were waiting for the rains.

A sage comes to the villagers and suggest if any good person play flute by standing on the top of cliff

,then there will be rainfall. All the villagers were happy and they choose a famous Brahmin to play the

flute. The Brahmin started to play the flute but it din’t rain; same thing happened for a week. The

Brahmin stopped playing the flute. Villages thought that the sage has cheated them. After the Brahmin,

a small milkman started playing the flute for months without fail and finally it started raining in the

village. Villages were happy and started praising the milkman. No one knows if it rained because of

milkman or the monsoon started but the credit goes to a person who worked towards it.

Don’t do things to make it happen and do things till it happens. This attitude will develop only when you have faith in your coach. So believe in your coach and become a winner.

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