Don’t Listen To Your Customer.

Updated: Mar 11, 2019

Don’t have to listen to your customer, It’s not that you should not listen to your customer but when to

listen is more important. You should listen to your customer only when they have experienced your

products or service. After that we can take feedback from them. Don’t ask your customers about their

future requirements. As per Steeve Jobs “People don’t know what they want, I know what people

want”and because of him, Apple have 200 billion dollar in cash as he knows what people want.

Subconscious mind means people don’t know what they want but as a business man you should know

what’s there in the subconscious mind. Customers can only tell you about their conscious mind and

that’s not important as it is only 10 percent and 90 percent is that subconscious mind which you should

understand as a business man to meet their needs.

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