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In this blog, we are going to learn about Haldiram's. There are the inventors of Kaju Katli. Kaju katli was made by them that was sold 20 lakh kilo sweets in one week in one place. The annual turnover of Haldiram's is 5500crore and it is 105 years old company. This was started by Mr. Haldirams. They started selling snacks called bhujia in 1915. Many people are managing this company. He has three sons Mr. Mulchand, Mr. sattidas and Mr. Rameshwar. Read this blog to know the business secrets of Haldiram. Let us now learn about the business secrets of their family business.

Learning No 1: Pilot Run

In 1915 Mr. Haldiram has started taking care of his shop with his father, there were few family issues and Mr.Haldiram was sent out of his family business and he was left out with nothing. He only had Rs. 100/- and he started selling snacks with his wife in a cart. This is known as a pilot run. One of his friends from Calcutta has invited him to attend a marriage. He was in Bikaner and as soon as he went to Calcutta, he was waiting for an opportunity and immediately he became a cook and started frying Sev, Snacks, and Bhujia and served to the Guests. People liked his Bhujia so much that he provided him with an opportunity to open a shop. He has opened his first franchise in Calcutta in 1920. This is the strength of a pilot run. A Pilot run means trying out the business with the minimum amount. We can follow this learning in our business as well.

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Leaning No 2: Packaging

Till 1970, Bhujia was sold in loose or in plastic polythene and the marks of the ink printed on the packet used to get stuck on their snacks (bhujia). There was a hygiene issue and they could not do anything as the margins were less. Mr. Manoharlal, the grandson of Mr.Haldiram told that they have to improve the packaging to improve the business. They used to sell 600 kilos of Bhujia and 550 kilos were sold by the merchants. The merchant was in between Haldiram and the customers.Customers were eating Haldiram Bhujia but they never know that the Bhujia was manufactured by Haldirams. After improving the packaging of Haldirams, people were able to recognize, the branding of Haldirams improved, the Shelf life of snacks and sweets also improved. Soan Padi generally has a shelf life of 3 to 4 days but after packaging, it increased to 6 to 8 months. It even captured US markets. All this was possible because of packaging. Click here to know more about the importance of packaging

Learning No 3: Don’t Stick to only one thing

During 1970, Haldiram’s snacks were running successfully but the grandson of Mr. Haldiram Mr.Shivkumar wanted to make sweets as well but their family opposed saying to improve business only in their field and not to diversify and stick to snacks. Diversifying business generally depends on 3 things

1.Your Interest

2. Leadership bandwidth

3.Type of product

Haldiram was making snacks and sweets will go well with snacks. It is a very good combination. This is a combo and complementing product. So the type of product should be complementing. There is an interesting article about the marketing strategies followed by FOGG, if you want to become an entrepreneur, check the link to get more marketing ideas

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Learning No 4: Bhola VS Seedhe

Mr.Shivkumar who opened his shop in Nagpur first introduced snacks then sweets and even started restaurants and started selling idly, dosa sambhar as it had good demand. As soon as he started a restaurant, people liked the taste of his restaurant and the shops that were selling the same near to his restaurants were about to shutdown. They send local goons to stop his restaurant but Mr.Shivkumar has maintained a good relationship with the local police and stopped the threat and thought them that he was not Bhola but he was working properly. If you want to know the success secrets of Dmart, then click below

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Learning No 5: Destiny is in our making and luck has to do nothing with it

This is said by Mr. Rameswar Lal, son of Mr. Haldiram “not to spend anything where you can’t predict the results. He thought that we should not get anything for free as we can’t value that product and we become greedy. They brought up their kids in a straight forward way and never used to give pocket money. They used to make them work and pay money after completing their work to make them understand. Mr. Haldiram was very disciplined and the power of discipline much needed for the first generation entrepreneur.

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