Happiness at Push of a button

Why Do You Get Happy? What will happen to your brain when you are happy? There are four types of chemicals known as DOSE that make you happy.

1. Dopamine: Whenever there is reward of your expectations, then this chemical gets released so as to work to achieve the reward. The journey to become rich also releases dopamine. It is also called the goal achieving chemical. If we are dependent on this chemical for happiness, then we can’t be happy in a long run and become materialistic addicts

2. Oxytocin: It is also called as chemical of love. It is a warm feeling that you feel when you are spending time with your friends or family members. Human touch and trust also triggers oxytocin. If you have few trustworthy people around you, then you would be getting oxytocin regularly.

3. Serotonin: It is also called the chemical of contribution. When we act in a way that benefits others the serotonin is released. It is also a leadership chemical. When we are admired, respected and given special treatment then we get serotonin.

4. Endorphins: When you are in a journey to become fit, endorphins are released. It is also called pain masking chemical. This helps us to push ourselves in tough times. It helped our ancestors to run for help when they were injured.

To trigger dopamine, just set goals and try to achieve it as expectation of reward triggers dopamine.

To trigger oxytocin you need to have an inner circle and be raw with them but never break their trust.

To trigger serotonin contribute selflessly to others may be your effort, time or anything

To trigger endorphins workout till you feel the muscle breaking. This is also called as comeback chemical or recovery chemical as it helps in tough times.

This is the science of being Happy.

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