How to Automate Business process ?

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Business process automation or business automation is a process of making people dependent on business into process dependent. It is a way of the digital transformation of complex business operations. It is the best way to reduce the risk of employee turnover. It is used to simplify business operations. All the recurring tasks in any business can be automated so as to reduce manual efforts, increase efficiency and reduce business costs. By implementing automation business can be streamlined in a much better way. Business can be automated by following SOP (Standard operating procedures). Irrespective of the size of the organization, automation will help to streamline the process.

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A business process can be automated by making use of a template. Many people often have a doubt about what is a Template. To make it easy, let us understand the exact meaning of the word template with the help of a small and interesting story of my own experience. One day I went to training for Toyota-Kirloskar near Dewas in Indore and I saw a cafeteria outside the training room near the lunch area, there were yellow dots on the floor. There were three dots below the three-legged table and four dots below a four-legged table. I wondered after seeing the dots and asked them about it. They answered that the dots were placed so that the cleaning staff would always place the furniture at the exact place and don’t interchange the position of the initial setup. It will be easy for them to see the dot and understand if the table or chair is out of position and adjust them accordingly. So the template also works in the same way. It is something that helps you to automate your business.

Do you want to automate your Business? Don’t you want your team to work exactly the way you do? There might be many instances that you would have thought that you would have done the work in a much better way with more perfection and you would be the best person to handle it and it is even justified as you have dedicated many years to your work. In the same way don’t you wish that your team should also do the work in the way that you would do it?

Templates help you achieve this. If you make templates, they will automate your business and strengthen the 7 pillars of your business. There will be greater visibility of a company’s process if you have templates in place and operational stability becomes easy by following templates.

How can you make a template?

If you are master in any task and handle the same with perfection, then only you can create a template. An example is generally we run a lot of ads on social media through Face book, Instagram and google. I used to make a very good lowcost Fb lead generation video ad that my team wasn’t able to achieve this, then I made a template. If any of the team members follow this step-by-step template then by default the ad will be good. The template is a very interesting tool but you have to make it only if you are perfect in it. Once you know the perfect way to do something, then you will write down its process step-by-step process in the easiest way possible. It is more like documenting a process so as to make others understand and follow to achieve the desired result. Easiest meaning is even a fifth standard kid can also understand and you should also make use of a lot of visuals like icons, graphs, photos and record the process step-by-step. Whoever follows the document, they will get the expected result. By using a template and running business in an auto mode the company can grow faster.

Once the process is ready now you have to train people on how to use the template. An important aspect before training is to understand if you are achieving the desired result by using that template. For a better understanding to know about the result and perfection of a template are 2 ways one is time or experience Second way is to learn from others which is a powerful way. Learn it from your coach, mentor or anyone. Either you learn things from others or learn from a mentor who actually knows how to do the right way. They know how to teach and follow their template to teach others. The best example of a mentor is Mr.Tony Robbins who was able to bring a change in a lot of people and a great motivational speaker and a coach. To know more about him, click on the below link

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If you know to do and you want to teach others, you should teach them through a template. After making a template, teaching or training people is a three-step process. First is to show the person how to do it since you have made a template you can show them how to do the task, if Facebook ads are to be run then you follow the template and show them how it is done by following the step-by-step procedure. Show them that they can also do the right way if they follow the template.

Next after showing is asking them to do and that step is called see. Let them do it by following your template and you just see how they are following the template

The Third is to tell means to give feedback on the work they did by following your template. This way you can train people in your organization.


As an entrepreneur, you should actually work on the tasks which fetch 80% of the results and delegate the minor tasks to your team so that you can focus on your business growth. It is very important to understand the functioning of all the operations when you initially start but later you should learn how to delegate work to your team members. To know how to get work done from others and live stress-free, click on the below link

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This is how you can train your employees in your organization and you can do this only if you have a template and you will be able to make a template only when you are perfect in your task. Training of the employees is very important and requires lots of patience and time as perfection is the key result of any training. Follow the link given below to get few tips on effective training

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There are people who expect perfection in their work but cannot get the work done because they themselves don’t know a perfect way. An ad agency person doesn’t know to write an ad copy and hires a copywriter to do better work. These days in start-ups you have to learn to do the important tasks yourself which are important like for ad agency copywriting is very important. Hence we need to learn to be perfect and then delegate. You as an entrepreneur have to train others of your team through templates. If the task is difficult then what can be done?

The format actually changes and it is called shadowing, which means the person shadows you like for training, coaching or selling which are higher-level skills. Templates can also be made on this high-end skills but the trainee should become your shadow as you know your process and that other person will learn from you be following you and standing beside you like a shadow as there will be many small things that he has to learn from you like your body language, tone, etc. He is studying and observing you of how you are doing things and eventually it is Show-See and Tell but here, the show element is there for a long period of time and that is shadowing. The skill which is difficult needs shadowing like in sales, training, and negotiation.

The Business owner should always work on his toes and try to improve the process to grow faster. He should be more productive than other members of his team.The below link is very useful to make young entrepreneurs more productive and make them work more in less time. Want to know how? then click below

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It is equally important to follow proper guidelines while delegating tasks as the success of your business depends on delegation. The below link will help you understand the basics of delegation. Check it out before you delegate your work to your team.

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The success of a business will depend on many factors but if you are able to understand all the systems of your organization, follow a standard operating procedure with the help of a template and train your employees effectively then nothing can stop your growth.

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