This exerpt has been taken by Strengths Finder from Gallup & Tom Rath.

If you want to be great & excellent at what you do so follow what i'm going to share with you. But if you want to be average and above average, then this not for you.

Do you really know yourself?

You can know yourself by identifying your strength & weakness.

Once people have identified their strength and weakness they generally start using their strengths in their work and start working on their weakness to become a better person.This could be a mistake because when you start improving your weakness, it results in stress. This is the real biggest reason of stress, instead “Don’t work too much on your weaknesses just keep on sharpening on your strength.”

For example, Irfan Pathan,a very good bowler of Indian team,Greg Chappell, then Indian Coach, advised him to learn batting as everyone wants an all-rounder but what happened with him? He had to focus on batting, which hampered his bowling which was his strength.

For example, Manmohan Singh, his strength was policy making and weakness, he was not a very good speaker, so if he would have worked on his weakness he could have become a better speaker but cannot match Modi Ji because his strength was to make big policies not public speaking.

For example, Shammi kapoor gave 19 flop movies when he initially came into movie industry as he was trying to copy his father Prithviraj kapoor but then he finally decided to follow his own style which was his strength, the next film was a blockbuster. This was because he was being raw, taking full advantage of your strength.

Your weakness is below 0 which is the negative side and your strength is above 0 which is the positive side. If you will work on your weakness, it will take time to come up to zero and maybe more time to reach on positive side. Whereas, if you’ll work on your strength it will be upgraded from positive to hero and that too in much less time.

I would like to share a real life example of my friend, he started his career by opening a big garage but after 10-15 years he had to shut down the garage, then he started doing communication training with an institute and after a while he left this job also and then opened up his own design institute and called it off in few months. So here he got to know about his weakness which was FOCUS, he knew he lacked focus but he also knew his strength i.e. PROBLEM SOLVING & CREATIVITY so he started a job of school consultant, where he gets a new project in every 6 months and now he likes his job. If I ask you to think of a big doctor who has name, fame and money? So there must be many names coming in your mind. So is it a physician’s name coming in your mind or a specialist? I’m very sure it must be a specialist. So, we don’t have to become a JACK OF ALL but MASTER OF ONE.

First, we need to find the qualities required in your profession and give ample of time to find them. And if your weakness is one of these qualities then you have to work on it.

For example:

An architect’s top 3 qualities are: Creativity & Innovation, Teamwork and Synthesis. A sportsperson’s top 3 qualities are: Persistence, Handling pressure and aggression. A lawyer’s top 3 qualities are: Preparedness, Presentation Skills and Client handling.

If you don’t have these qualities then you need to work on these weaknesses because this is important and required for your profession.

Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi was weak at presentation skills and was shy so he went to South Africa so he had to work on his weakness because this skill was required in this profession. You have to leave your weakness, and sharpen your strength so much that you’ll become the world best.

Michael Jackson strength was not singing, but dancing. He used to mesmerize people by mixing dancing and singing and people used to enjoy because he knew he can capture people’s mind, that is the reason he was legendary. Working on our strength and sharpening it is in our nature. A dolphin’s strength is using intelligence while hunting and eagle’s strength is flight and vision.

So don’t focus much on your weakness but sharpen your strength, we are just doing the opposite and that’s the reason we are getting stressed and we will not become the best if we’ll just improving our weakness.

But one problem now arises, how we will get to know what our strength is our WONDER MIND WORKSHOP, it’s a 2 day program of complete life coaching followed by 21 day plan where we will be in touch with you.

If you want to find your strength and weakness, watch this video-

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