How to Come Out of Mobile Phone Addiction?

Mobile phone addiction is one of the common problems faced by everyone these days. All are tied up with mobile phones and this addiction leads to huge behavioural and social impact. We use a mobile phone for everything right from calling to booking tickets. We are dependent on the mobile phone and it has become very difficult to overcome it. We do many things in our daily life like reading, writing, listening to music, watching videos and many more. But the question is where do we do all this? We do everything on our mobile phone and we are dependent on mobile phones. We have to make efforts to change this addition.

Generally, our mind works on 2 Ds-One is Darr and Desire and we have to make use of these 2 D’s to come out of this addiction. There are signs and symptoms which clearly show that a person is addicted to mobile. The below link provides you with the major symptoms or behavioural changes on account of mobile phone and social media addiction.

If you feel that you are experiencing the same symptoms as given in the link, then this blog gives the readers 19 foolproof tips to come out of mobile phone addiction

Tips to get rid of mobile phone and social media usage:

1. Choose a specific device

Use a specific device as per your activity. If you are listening to music, use a music player or laptop. The quality of music is much more effective if you use speakers. If you like reading try to use a kindle or read news in newspapers or magazines or books rather than using mobile. Watch Videos by connecting to TV. If you want to write or type use pen and paper instead of using mobile phones. This helps you to come out of mobile at least for some time.

2. Punish yourself

There is a saying in Hindi “Jab aye maza, Tab do saza” translating the quote: Give yourself a punishment, every time you try to have fun via Social Media. A simple tip is to make use of a rubber band. Wear a rubber band in your hand which will be a reminder to reduce social media. Whenever you try to login to your social media account, pull the rubber band and leave it. The pain you experience will remind you. By this, we are programming our brain that whenever we are using to come out of it. Train your brain to get punishment whenever you want to have fun using social media

3. Reward yourself

Try to reward yourself with a small candy or chocolate when you are not using social media for a long time. This motivates you to use less social media. Lower usage results in a higher reward.

4. Disable all Notifications

By notifications, we will get dragged towards social media channels, disable all the notifications like FaceBook, Instagram, Snapchat, Whatsapp and even Gmail. Go to the notifications and switch it off. With this, no one will remind you to open social media. Whenever you want you can open and check them and you don’t get carried away by

notifications. If you are checking anything on the laptop, we generally work as per convenience and there is no notification sound that will attract you. You can experience same even in your mobile if you disable notifications.

5. Listen to focus music

Make use of focus music or study music which will help you to focus on your work without any distraction of thoughts from social media. You can even use earphones while listening to focus music and you are not reminded of social media. To know the importance of music and understand different types of focus music click on the below interesting article.

6. Mute all WhatsApp notifications

Mute all WhatsApp notification groups on your home screen. This will help you to decrease your screen time.

7. Don’t keep social media apps on the home screen

Hide Social media apps that you regularly use and don’t display them on your home screen. People who use android can hide but IOS users may not be able to do it. Whenever you see you remember and feel like opening the app. Keep all in the apps drawer. Make use of “Out of sight, out of mind” concept.

8. Make social media uninteresting

Unsubscribe FB pages of people who make very interesting videos and content. This will help you from opening FB page

This will make social media uninteresting and reduce your desire. Here we are playing with desire which drives intention in our mind.

9. Change wallpaper

Make nice wallpaper. Use “My Text Wallpaper” It is text-based wallpaper. You can write text in that which helps to motivate you. This will display both apps and text. You can write any text which will be displayed on the home screen. You can customize your text as “STOP". This will remind you to stop using social media.

10. Always be busy

Always try to be busy and focus on your interesting hobbies like art or craft which will distract you and take you in a productive way. If you are a student and want to know the tips how to study more in less time, then click on the below link

11. Always get inspired

Get inspired by a successful person and look in his/her life and most of the successful people are not addicted to mobile phones. Know their lifestyle and learn great inspiring things from them. One of the great inspiring people in India is

Mr.Mukesh Ambani who is a very successful entrepreneur and a great human being. To know how his vision and patience helped him to achieve his goal, click on the below link

12. Use Smart Speakers

Use Google Home or Alexa. You will reduce your screen time when you make use of smart speakers. Lesser screen time=lesser social media. You will not get distracted if you start using smart speakers as mobile screens will pull you back to the crazy zone of social media through notifications.

13. Make your screen black and white

Make screen to greyscale or night mode. People who have I phone can make a grayscale and people who use android phones can put their screen on night mode. This makes your screen less attractive and less desirable.

14. Stop posting on social media

When we post our updates on social media, we tend to check them to know the number of likes and comments. If you don’t post, then you don’t feel to login to check the comments and uninstall all unnecessary apps and games

15. Don’t charge your phone near your bed

If we charge near our bed, we simultaneously charge and use the phone continuously. When we keep very far, then we don’t go and pick the phone and result in less usage.

16. Install the App Forest

In this App, you should plant a virtual seed and set a timer for 30min and in this 30min you can’t use any of your social media till the tree grows. If you use it before the time, it shows notification as “seed will be killed” or “plant will be killed”. You can plant a tree for 30 minutes and make a dense forest.

17. Install Digital Detox App

In this app, you can set a timer for 60 minutes. In this set time you cannot use your phone and if you want to check anything in your mobile before that time you have to pay to that app which is linked to Google store. You can normally use the phone for calling, SMS and for any emergency but cannot use any of the apps. you can use those apps only after that specified time.

18. Degrade your mobile phone

Degrade your phone to a basic model. Don’t use a Smartphone but buy a feature phone and make use of it for some time so as to get rid of social media addiction.

19: Take aid via NLP & HYPNOSIS

Apps are triggers that will make you click on it and use it but you can give new meaning to the triggers with the help of NLP & Hypnosis. This will help you to relax, focus and increase creativity and have been used for many generations.

To know more about NLP & Hypnosis, click on the below link. This technique will help us to do something better

Try implementing the above tips in order to come out of mobile phone addiction before it becomes difficult. If you want to be more productive and want to maintain a proper work-life balance, click on the below which helps you to finish your work in much lesser time

Small Changes can really help you to free from phones or other gadgets. Because of the technological improvements usage of mobile phones is evitable but always on it is not a healthy symptom. Your phone usage should be limited as brain changes if we are dependent on technology. The brain has to be trained and trick your mind by focusing on other activities. Make a list of all the above activities and try digital Detox.

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