How to Get Funding for your startup?

More the fund, more the quality formula will not fit for start ups. This is how you can fund your start up.

Start a small business with whatever is available with you, use credit card or go for bank loan, Government schemes or any source from which you can acquire funds. If there are no options then start doing part time job and focus full time on business to support your venture but don’t go for part time business. Initially don’t invest huge amount in any business, make a pilot run before starting. If you want to start a boutique, then set up stalls in exhibition and start a hotel business by taking a space for rent rather than buying by this your investment will be less. If you are working, then cut your spends and 20% of your salary should go in your start up funding. An entrepreneur should always spend less than a salaried person. This is how you can prosper in your start up.

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