How to get instant creative ideas?

How to get instant creative ideas?

People generally say to do something creative, to think out of box but no one will guide you how to

become creative. You can become creative if you implement Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT).

According to SIT, creativity is a logical processes not a random one. Creativity can be learnt and it is not a god’s gift. SIT helps to see your products/services from a new lens.

First technique of SIT is subtraction, which means to remove any major components from your products, service or process and see if it creates a new value for your customer. One of the best examples of subtraction is Sony walkman which used to have a recorder option before and the company subtracted the option as no one was using it. Walkman became cheaper as the production cost reduced and sales started increasing.

Innovative companies generally don’t wait for customer’s feedback to implement as

it will take long time but rather increase the value of the product by using SIT subtraction.

Second technique of SIT is division, which means breaking of the products, systems and services into

parts. These divisions can be physical or functional. One best example of division is dividing refrigerator into parts and one part is vegetable drawer which is fixed into kitchen drawer and became a cooling

drawer .

These are the two techniques of SIT .

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