How To Get Video Ideas?

YouTube is an amazing marketing channel to promote your products and services. But how to make a video where people will view as well as like your video. Content marketing is on boom these days. If you are a product specialist or a professional, you can generate many leads by sharing your knowledge with your audience.

The below are the five ways to make a video.

Idea # 1 Tent pole videos

Tent pole videos are those videos that are trending and if you make a video related to the trending subject, then people will definitely check your video. We can understand more clearly about trending topics with the help of the below-given examples. These days rains are pouring everywhere.

If you are a

1. Health coach, then you can make a video of what kind of food to eat in rains and why. Topic for a

2. Fashion designer to make a tent pole video is what kind of fabrics to wear in the rains and if you are a

3. Network marketer and sell water machines, then you can make a video of the kind of similarity of rainwater and the water from your machine?

4. A financial planner can make a tent pole video of how rains affect the stock market.

The main point in the audience mind is what is prevailing around them, so the chances to click and check the video will be more.

Idea# 2 Cheap product VS expensive product

If you make videos by comparing two products, then you will receive many views. The comparison videos of expensive and cheap products will attract viewers.

1. Health coach makes a comparison between cheap and expensive products? He can make a video on a treadmill vs elliptical Trainer.

2. A fashion designer can make a video on heavy work vs chikankari suits of Lucknow and make viewers understand of what looks classier.

3. A financial planner can make a video on expensive shares vs low-cost shares and suggest viewers which one to choose and when.

The main strategy behind expensive products vs cheap products is that the people will generally have information about expensive products but they may not know the difference between expensive and cheap products and there will always be a question in their mind and would be curious to know the same. Your video title can take advantage and people will click on it and your idea works.

Idea#3 learnings from Top book in your niche

Pick a top book in your niche and share 3 learnings that are given in the book. There might be many books in your industry that you have read about, pick 3 learnings from those books, and share with your audience.

Here you will have a chance for People in your industry to become your customers. They might definitely know about the book. People generally want to learn and gain knowledge but they might not have time to spend. They will gain knowledge through your video and you will also receive views and customers

Idea# 4 DIY

Do it yourself tutorials are the most trending videos. The best example of DIY is

1. Sankalp studio that shows the DIY of how to make a softbox on a low budget. There are many views of this video as people are watching the same on YouTube and following them.

2. A health coach can make a DIY of how to do a full-body workout in just 5 min.

3. A fashion designer can make a video of how to make a trendy mask at home and A network marketer can make a video on how to give a powerful demonstration of any product.

4. A financial planner can make a DIY video on how to study a mutual fund before investing.

Who doesn’t what to save money and this is the reason for DIY videos are popular in India

Idea #5

Login to, that is the website that shows the searches related to a particular topic accumulated in a row.

If a health coach searches for a plant-based diet in the then he gets the details and keywords of the search that are used by the viewers.

These are the five ideas of making a video. You can also share your ideas in our comments section and help the community.

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