How to get work done from others and live stress free?

It is very important to know how to get work done from others.

To delegate work, you should start thinking what will be those 20% activities which will give 80% results and what are 80% activities which will give only 20% results. Think like a big surgeon who will spend only 10min in a major surgery which lasts for 2 hours as the remaining work is handled by the team. Figure out those 20% activities which give results and focus on only those activities and delegate other activities to your team. After few years of your business, you should not do any clerical activities. If you are in the initial stage you should work on each task and figure out the activities which can be delegated.

Once you are sure of the regular work flow start delegating to your subordinates. There are people who

will not have trust and continue doing all the work on their own which will stop their growth and on the other hand person who comes from a corporate family tries to over delegate and appoints more people which increases the cost and will result in failure of the business. There are two aspects in delegation,

you can delegate work but not accountability. You are responsible for the all the mistakes of your team.

If any of your employees is doing mistakes repeatedly then you should know that he is not interested in

the work and try to discuss the same with him. If you can’t afford a team, then try to use technology to

delegate, there are many apps which will make your work easier like OTTER app, which will convert

conversation into text, use Facebook and Instagram for your promotional activities.

COMMUNICATION IS THE FATHER OF DELEGATION, if you are not clear in communication then

delegation becomes difficult. You should be able to communicate your ideas to the other person by

using pictures, diagrams, gestures, role play, demonstrations and more important of all is to have

patience in making others understand. Always follow a proper system and make your business grow.

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