How to get work done from others and live stress-free?

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

You can be a business owner or a manager in a big MNC, work pressure is always stressful and makes you less productive. It is very important for any individual to understand the nature of the work and learn how to train your employees or subordinates and delegate them. This will make you stress-free and improve your productivity.

Entrepreneurship is nothing new to India and it was prevailing even before independence. But the concept of entrepreneurship took a new meaning and now in recent years because of the growing support of Government and technology people are more inclined towards starting a business and becoming an entrepreneur. These days’ people even quit their job and start a new business by investing all their savings. These units are found with lots of energy and time but as time passes, most of these units fail. There can be many reasons for the failure but if you are planning to start a new venture, then click on the below link to understand what kind of business will help you grow and helps to save your time, money and energy.

Startups require a lot of planning and many run into losses because of a lack of right people, time management and proper delegation. If you want to run a successful business you should know how to get work done from others and utilize your time for improving your business. Delegation is the key to success. Delegation is the process of assigning duties, activities, and responsibilities to another person. It is a core concept of leadership.

This blog provides you with a solution for proper delegation and makes work without stress. Generally, when you start your business, you are so occupied with work that you will not have proper work-life balance and end up in problems. Check the below link to learn few hacks that will make your work easy and reduce your work time

It is very important to know how to get work done from others

To delegate work, you should start thinking about those 20% activities which will give 80% results and what are 80% activities which will give only 20% results. Think like a big surgeon who will spend only 10min in a major surgery which lasts for 2 hours as the remaining work is handled by the team. Figure out those 20% activities which give results and focus on only those activities and delegate other activities to your team.

After a few years of your business, you should not do any clerical activities.

If you are in the initial stage of your business, then you should work on each and every task that is related to business. When you work on every task, then only you will know the nature of tasks and figure out the activities which can be delegated. So try on each and every small activity when you start but as soon as your business grows and you are sure of the regular workflow to start delegating to your subordinates. There are people who will not have trust and continue doing all the work on their own which will stop their growth. There are people who start the company and expand it but neglect to delegate work to the team as they don’t have confidence in their employees and on the other hand person who comes from a corporate rich family will over delegate and appoints more people. They want specialized people for each and every activity in the business that will increase the cost and will result in failure of the business. There are two aspects of delegation; you can delegate work but not accountability. You are responsible and accountable for all the mistakes made by your team.

If any of your employees are doing mistakes repeatedly then you should know that he is not interested in the work and you should sit with him and discuss the same with him. If you can’t afford a team, then try to use technology to delegate, there are many apps which will make your work easier like OTTER app, which will convert conversation into text, use Facebook and Instagram for your promotional activities as it doesn’t involve much cost. There are people who believe that they are perfectionist, those kinds of people are workers but not leaders as leaders should learn to delegate. Click on the below link which will give you useful tips on how to train your employees

First is you should find intelligent and amazing people around you. There might be people who join you in a low job but are capable of handling multi-tasks if proper training is given. The only point is that he should be a good learner and you are a good trainer.

If you have recently started a business and can’t afford to appoint staff and delegate, then start thinking of hiring interns. An intern need not be a student but can be anyone who is new to the field and want to gain practical knowledge. There are many interns who want to work with start-up and learn all the aspects of business and there are many advantages of hiring interns

Advantages of Hiring Interns

There are many people who want to work as an intern and gain knowledge. They want to understand the business and its process. As a businessman, you can hire interns in your organization and get manpower for minimum pay and in return, an intern will also gain knowledge about the business. These days there is no need for an employee if you have a good business system. If your organization follows a proper system and you can train an intern about concepts and products, then he can be easily trained and work equivalent to a professional. An intern will try to work hard so as to take advantage of the available time in your company and if trained properly he can be assigned a few roles that have mutual benefits. An Intern can do all the work as a normal employee and you can save cost as interns are paid less than normal employees. Interns will also bring fresh thoughts to your business and might suggest better ideas for doing tasks. They also have great ease in using the latest technology. By appointing interns, you can try working with them and if you feel that they are capable of handling activities, you can appoint them as an employee of your company.

There are many people on internshala who are willing to work and gain knowledge. Hire interns and get a mutual benefit. You can also delegate a few responsibilities to them and focus on more productive work.

There are many sites that will help you to find proper interns as per your business requirements. The below link is one of the best sites to hire an intern for your organization.

COMMUNICATION IS THE FATHER OF DELEGATION, if you are not clear in communication then delegation becomes difficult. You should try to explain the result whatever you are expecting with your subordinates. You should be able to fit all your thoughts in the mind of your subordinates. Then you are successful in the delegation.

You should be able to communicate your ideas to the other person by using pictures, diagrams, gestures, role play, demonstrations, presentations and more important of all is to have patience in making others understand.

It is equally important to follow proper guidelines while delegating tasks as the success of your business depends on delegation. The below link will help you in guiding you of delegation. Check it out before you delegate your work to your team.

A task can be delegated but planning before assigning is very important. We will understand about delegation of work in a better way with the help of a fashion designer. There was a fashion designer who used to struggle by running to stores, boutiques, and tailors as he is the only person who understands the colour combination of buttons and threads that have to be used in a dress. Here, the delegation would be tough in this case but not impossible, the solution for such kind of business would be to keep all the colours and shades of threads and buttons and label them according to their shades. He can make 2 sets and keep one with the designer and keep the other set with the tailor. The designer can communicate to the tailor through phone and explain the shades with the help of the labels. Initially, it might create confusion but it will definitely reduce work burden in the long run.

Always follow a proper system and make your business grow.

If you are new to the business and want to know more about entrepreneurship and check your capability as an entrepreneur, click on the below interesting link that will help you to know your skills as an entrepreneur.

Many professionals fear to delegate work as the quality of work may come down but the key to success is to find a reliable person, delegate work and you will never have to worry about the quality and timely delivery of work. You can also take feedback from other team members before delegating major tasks to any of your employees so as to be stress-free and improve your efficiency.

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