How to hit 100% of your goals ?

“I don’t do what I decide and I am not consistent”, is the common statement among people. The reason is that you have not programmed your mind to hit 100% of the goals. Generally corporate set so ‘Big Hairy Audacious Goals’ also known as BHAG; that even if employees hit 70% of them, they are satisfied. But if you do just the opposite, set reasonable goals and hit those 100% and don’t stop at 97% or 98%.

Achieving 100% puts you in the habit of hitting your goals.

Always set goals that are reasonable and train your mind to hit 100% as 100% is more important than the goal itself

The best example is to set that you want to do 20 squats, and then you should finish it at 20 and don’t stop at 16 or 18. Train your body and that will be your pattern to train your subconscious mind.

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