How to increase sales?

You will understand the logic behind improving sales with the help of a story below Once there was a Pan-wala who was new to business. After he opened his shop, slowly and steadily every villager started coming to his shop to eat pan but he thought he was not making enough sales and thought of a plan to improve sales. He started tracking people who were not eating pan but cross his shop on a regular basis. He started to greet those people. They were shocked in the beginning as in India if someone greets we think that they need our help. Pan-Wala started to greet everybody and everyone started feeling that he is a good man and though of meeting him. As people came to him, he proposed them to taste his pan and pan was really good. When we like something, it doesn’t take much time to be our habit. Now the sale of his pan rose to 300% just by his greetings.

From this we understand how smartly it was done using common sense. In real life not everything should be for business. In any corporate training, we are asked if we greet to strangers. This habit gives us a strong network. We become more powerful than those who don’t greet because their network is limited to small level. Greeting is a small start but it works incredibly.

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