How To Manage Time Effectively

In this blog, we are going to learn more about time management. If you are able to track the time it will be easy to manage time. Click the below link to know how to track time of your work.

Tips To Manage Time Effectively by Jitesh Manwani-Click here

The Second technique in time management is single-tasking. We generally hear about multi-tasking but here we are learning about single-tasking. Single-taking means to focus. You can stay focused by saying no. We should say no to people. Say I Can’t do it. Saying No is very important as it may help you to focus on other important tasks. People generally say yes as they don’t keep a track of their time and it will be a big problem as they might not be able to work on that task and take the stress. Click to understand how to stay calm and patient

The Second technique to improve focus is boredom

You should be bored to improve focus. If you keep working continuously then your focus will slowly come down after 12 minutes and you get bored. This will remain for the next 5 minutes. If you maintain for 5 minutes then your focus will improve. This happens every 12 minutes and this is science and you should understand that it will drop for 12 minutes but you should stay calm for 5 minutes on the same task and if you cross that 5 minutes you will again improve your focus. In this way, you can do single-tasking and get great ideas and improve productivity. This graph is very important and every time you will get a dip and able to cross that 5 minutes then your productivity will reach the next level.

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The third way to improve focus is ZDZ

This is Zero distraction Zone, You have to go to this zone in 2 types, one is auditory means audio. Visual distractions will be generally less and more distractions will be from outside noise. You will be able to hear bike sounds or others talking. Audio distraction is the biggest distraction. Try to use wireless earphones to avoid distractions. You can use it to listen to any meditation music or any music of your choice which will help you to focus. More distractions will be from auditory but not visual. So make use of earphones and listen to good music. Use an ear protector.

Click to know the available ear protector options. If you do not have an audio distraction, you will go to Zero distraction Zone and get great ideas and focus on work. The Second is visual. Visual is also important. Keep a whiteboard in front of you in your office and there will be a double benefit as there will be no auditory or visual distraction. If you avoid auditory or visual distractions then you will be able to improve your productivity and time management will reach the next level.

Next formula to improve focus is to eliminate half work

Eliminate that work which is half done. For example, if you are doing accounting don’t leave accounting at halfway and if you are clearing desktop then don’t leave in midway. Complete the whole work and then move forward. There will be different types of thinking for different work and if you come out of that zone then you will improve your productivity. Make others wait but complete your work.

Time management 3rd formula is more time

You should have more time but how could you get more time as we have only 24 hours. To have more time, try to wake up early in the morning so that you can have more time. Click below to know 6 powerful techniques that will help you to know how to wake up early. You will have more time and can work more

Tips to wake up early by Jitesh Manwani – Click here

Next method to have more time is to use the waiting time

If you are waiting for a doctor or an appointment, then you can make calls, emails or any other work like listening to podcasts. In this way, you are utilizing the waiting time. Generally, people use social media in their waiting time. If you are into sales or marketing then make calls in your waiting time. Make proper use of waiting time that will take your productivity to the next level. People will not have time for learning and development as they don’t even have time to focus on health, wealth and relationships. listen to podcasts and audio books in the car to improve your knowledge when you commute from office to home

4th branch of time management is set priorities

As per Mr.Obama, time management is nothing but priority management. set priorities as it is very powerful and takes a lot of time. Explore other blogs as there are many business and entrepreneurship related information on our website.

Click to know how to prioritize tasks.

If you are able to manage time effectively, then success will follow and you will be able to work on health, wealth and relationships

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