How to Study More in Less Time

Do you always suffer while studying?

This Blog helps young friends to get better results with 5 effective techniques to study more in less time these techniques are unique, developed with self- experience and will definitely work to improve concentration. Studying is always tough irrespective of what you study and finding ways to stay focused is a big challenge. Due to growing competition, we have to efficiently make use of time and retain more information to score high.

Before reading the blog it is very important to understand why? Why are you studying this topic or subject? If your mind is not satisfied with this Why, then it will be a very big problem as it will never allow you to concentrate and understanding why is very important.

As a student, you should first think about the solution of studying the subject, it might help you in your career and you may have amazing future and if you feel that it is not helping in your career, and then also there are 2 options

First is start a movement like Anna Hazare against the educational system to remove history and trigonometry from the syllabus;

Second is to make your mind understand, read and get decent marks and choose a career where these subjects aren't there but if you fail, and then these subjects will never leave you.

There are many techniques and a variety of tools that help to minimize stress and improve your focus and below are such 5 Techniques that will help in improving concentration :

Technique No 1: Never read on bed

The first technique is to come out of bed and make use of table and chair while studying. Your sitting position is also very important for studying long hours sit on the chair by keeping your back straight. It will help you to stay alert and active. If you read on bed, initially we will sit straight but then later book will move up and we start lying down on the bed and finally tend to sleep. Sleep becomes inevitable if you start reading on bed and the real deal should be to ditch sleep, stay awake and study well. Generally, there will be an automatic response of the body by seeing different furniture. You always set your hair and makeup if you look into a mirror. You feel to open the fridge and see what is there inside it. If you sit on a sofa which has a TV in front of you, then automatically you pick the remote and switch on the TV. Same way automatic response after seeing the bed is sleeping. So our body will be confused if you use the bed for reading and it will make you sleep and if you really want to sleep, you will not get sleep and will not be able to wake up in the morning. It is also advisable to study in the early morning as the retention power will be more during early hours. If you face problem to wake up in the morning then, Click on the below link to know how to wake up in the morning

If you don’t want to regret after the results, then you should leave your bed,

Technique No 2: Free from distractions

There should not be any visual or auditory distraction at the place where you study. We generally sit at a place where there is a lot of movement. Auditory distraction is more dangerous than a visual distraction which will distract you by sounds around you. Sometimes low-level noise will also cause distractions and make an impact on concentration.

Make use of 3M ear protector or use wireless earphones. They help to control auditory distractions and you will be able to pay attention to your studies. Play study songs which will help you to concentrate and you will not be able to hear the noise at your home.

Try to be away from auditory distractions and visual distractions to improve your focus as the location is an essential part of successful studying.

This will show a major impact on the results. Just read one hour by using this technique and you would definitely find the difference in the result. There are many brands of 3M ear protectors available in the market. You can browse the below link to know about the varieties and their costs

Technique No 3: Read until you understand

Open your book and read a paragraph until you completely understand the topic. If you are unable to understand, discuss with your friends, Google it, check in the youtube but don’t move to the next topic till you understand. Generally, we keep reading books and pages but we will not understand anything even after finishing the topic. It is always better to read a paragraph in detail and make your own notes. Relate the concepts in the books with your surroundings. You can understand the function of the heart with the help of a water pump.

When you start the water pump it will send water from the tank through pipelines to your home, the heart will also function is the same way. If you relate books practically then you will understand better and concentrate more. Once you understand and make your notes, then you don’t need to open the book again and again. Refer your own notes as you made the notes as per your understanding and studies will be much easier for you to concentrate. Read till you understand and make notes out of it, read your own notes and relate to your surroundings. You can also collect information from various available sources and make a quick crisp note for future reference. Review the information periodically.

If you are overloaded with studies and want relaxation and study without stress, follow the below link

Technique No 4: Make Mind Maps

Always make mind maps. Research says that 65% of people are visual learners. Visual learner means they listen to the words and make a visual image in their mind. If they don’t make an image in their mind, then they will not understand. You can make mind maps. If you make mind maps then there is no need to study. Keep referring to your mind maps and revise them. With this technique, studies will become very interesting. A simple formula to get good marks is understanding and revising. There is no better revision technique than making mind maps. We generally do less revision and reread more. Mind maps will help to improve memory power

Revision means if you understand any topic then you ask questions and answer them without seeing, then there will be no effort on your brain and retention will improve. The Best way of revision is exactly after one day i.e. after 24 hours later after reading or understanding of the topic. Revising after 24 hours is the best way but we generally reread. We should no reread but Revise. The best way of revision is to make a vivid image of your studies and stick it in your memory for more retention. To Know about mind maps and understand how it improves focus, click on the below link.

Technique No 5: Slate and chalk technique

Whatever is your monthly goal write it on a slate and hang it at a place where you go regularly apart from the study table. You would have noticed that whenever you search on Amazon, the same item appears in all the sites you browse. This will create a wish to buy and end up buying. This slate will also work in the same way. You will see your goal and wish to finish it as it is right in front of your eyes. We will not be able to forget our goal and you feel like studying with finishing the goal and start studying with concentration. It is very important to present your knowledge apart from retaining your memory as your score depends on your presentation. To make an appealing presentation follow the tips given in the below link

The Brain is like a bank and you have to store inputs to use it during your exams. These five techniques will help you to provide inputs and score better. Staying physically active makes your brain sharp and attentive and it is very important to overcome laziness while studying as a lazy mind will not allow you to focus on studies. Follow the below link to overcome laziness and be alert

Learning to study effectively is very important and it helps to score better. It is very hard to apply all these techniques at one sitting but make use of one tip at one time and once you start making it a habit, it will be easy to implement all the techniques. You need not be genius to get good grades but you should always use time effectively. Follow the above-mentioned techniques and be successful.

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