How to talk to girls?

Ever came across a situation when you want to approach a girl for talking but you are not able to talk? Well here are few tips which will help you to start a conversation-

1. Don't just keep looking at her, and wait for her to look at you too so that you start the conversation. If you both are at one place sitting/standing then break the ice by talking about weather or the dress that she is wearing

2. If both of you are crossing on the roads, then try to talk to her by asking about some information and

always be honest with her

3. Always be in the moment by having a direct eye contact with her which will stop the inner chatter of

your brain

4. Try to build conversation by making her curious in your expression and keep a friendly gaze and not

an intimate gaze

5. Don't become victim of fantasy, find something unattractive about her like her teeth or grooming so

that you will not be blown away by her beauty and gain confidence

6. Make her comfortable by using long statements followed by a question and don’t try to be touchy in

first 2 to 3 meetings as it look cheap

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