How to Write a Video Script?

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

In this document, we are going to learn how to write a video script. In any movie, the main part will be the plot or the story of the movie. In the same way, the most important part of a video is its script. If you want to generate more leads through your knowledge, then you have to focus on your viewer. You have to understand the problems of the viewers and make related videos and solve his problems in your videos. People generally search How to in the YouTube search. The formula used in this blog is made after studying many successful videos and the name of this formula is the P.E.C formula

1. Problem- You have to inform the problem of the audience

2. E.T.R- Earn the right, credibility, and Authority.

3. C.T.A- Call To Action

A. The problem here should be the burning problem that is mostly used in short videos.

B. E.T.R focuses on why are you making your video and why should people listen to you.

C. CTA is the solution to the burning problem and is call to action.

We will learn more about the PEC formula through a few examples.

What is the problem?

ü Like a problem for a wedding planner these days is that they are not able to make invitations during this lockdown and we have to find the solution to their problem as it is their burning problem.

ü A planner made a video on the solution by suggesting to them to make E-Invitation and suggesting the websites that make E-invitations.

ü Another example of a wedding planner who made a video on how to reduce wedding costs by 30% as people are not having enough money to spend as the economy is going on a tough time. CTA will be the technique of how to reduce wedding costs and it received many views.

ü Third example is the video of an interior designer who made a video on how to renovate a kitchen on a low budget. This will be the burning problem of the target group. You can make a video by making your audience understand their budget problem and suggest them 3 to 4 actions in CTA.

ü Coming to a nutritionist, can make a video on how to overcome acidity naturally? The nutritionist details will be given in ETR and CTA will be the solution of reducing acidity naturally.

ü An AC dealer who sells air conditioners video is on the burning problem of how to self-clean your Ac and you can make a video on DIY to clean AC.

In this way, you have to make a video by using the P.E.C formula and this is a No 1 formula to make short videos.

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