Joint Family property:

Updated: Apr 20, 2019

Let us understand about the Joint property issues with the help of the below story

There was another case in the court of birbal. Two farmers Abu and Rehman were neighbours.There was a mango tree between their fields. The tree was full of ripe mangoes. Rehman was about to take some fruits when Abu came there and told him not to touch and said that the tree belongs to Abu. Both

claimed that the tree belongs to them and thought of going to birbal to get fair judgment .They reached

the court for the judgement.They explained birbal about their problem and asked for Justice. Birbal told

them to leave and come the next day. Birbal sent a trusted servant to see the Mango tree. He also

told him to go the farmers house and tell them that some thieves are stealing mangoes from the tree

and report their reactions to birbal. The servant first went to Abu’s house and told that the mangoes are being stolen. Abu replied that he was doing some important work and will look into the matter later. Servant then went to Rehman’s house and told that mangoes are being stolen, when he heard the news he ran towards the tree with a stick. The servant went back and reported everything to Birbal. Next day when both Abu and Rehman reached the court, Birbal told that as it is difficult to give judgement,he told to distribute fruits equally and cut the tree and wood will also be distributed equally. Abu was very happy as he was getting fruits and a part of tree. On the other hand Rehman was very sad and told that he can’t see the tree destroyed and asked Abu to take the tree as he has grown it for 10 years. Birbal finally gave the judgment saying that the tree belongs to Rehman and Abu should be punished for telling a lie.

Same thing happens with the joint property, when any business gives fruitful results everyone will claim that the property is their own and fight for years together losing their peace and family, here time is Birbal which will teach us that initially we may get a small value of the property but time will make it double. From Rehman, we should learn not to be greedy and focus more to improve our share and double our returns.

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