Kundali Milao Shadi Bachao, does it really Work?

Matching of horoscope before marriage is very common in our marriages. But do you know how this

small Paper will decide to whom should we marry?

While matching horoscope, the result would be the number of points that are matching between both

male and female in terms of their qualities and personalities. In arranged marriage people check for

religion, caste, complexion, job and education but how to decide about the compatibility between

them in long run. Horoscope will give the basic nature of a person basing on date, time and location of

birth. They categorize similar people into groups basing on their nature. This differentiation is useful to make a decision.

Even big corporate companies use this kind of analysis which is scientifically proven

called as psychometric analysis.

Biometric testing which is based on your thumb impression will also give your basic nature. All these

analysis depends on probability as no one can judge the exact behavior of any person. In love marriages

personality matching will be done by couple and parents usually warn that it is their choice and their

responsibility to bear the result. If the reader of horoscope is incompetent then there are chances of

unsuccessful arranged marriages. Horoscope will always guide us to compare the basic nature of two


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