The PUBG Success Story

Updated: Nov 11, 2019

A game that revolutionized and developed several industries. A game whose mobile version has a daily player count of  50 Million and after last big update of the addition of 200 million downloads in December 2018. It reached the milestone of 400 million users making it the third biggest country in the world in terms of population, after India and China. The user base might have doubled since the last public count after getting more popular day by day.

This is the story of one of the most popular video games of this world which came into existence by a gamer turned entrepreneur name, Brendan Greene. An Irish born, went to Brazil to find his passion but instead found the love of his life there, got married and came back to home.

Games like Arma 3 and DayZ were a massive success at that time and then that idea whose time has come took birth. Greene was hired by game development company name Daybreak but they were unable to hold his imaginations. Greene flew to Seoul, South Korea to meet Bluehole. The Koreans were thoroughly impressed by his creative ideas and wanted him as creative director, now the PUBG wasn't far. In early 2016, they began to develop the game with an aim for release a year later. On March 23, 2017, it was finally time - an early access release to Steam (an online game distribution platform) and it immediately became a success despite some bugs.

If there is someone who doesn’t know what’s PUBG is, we should tell you that it is about you and the other 99 players who land on an 8*8 km island and need to fight to be the last survivor. You are allowed to use different kinds of vehicles, weapons, and supplies for eliminating the other players. Let’s discover more about PUBG.

PUBG was a total banger in the gaming community, with over 50 million copies across PC and console sold, PUBG becomes the top spot holder in world game rankings. PUBG was challenged by Fortnite but Greene always welcome any new development for the sake of the community.

Big streamers were playing PUBG and millions were watching them playing the heavy game which requires pricy PC builts which all people can't afford but PUBG Corporation has different plans for it. In March 2018 Chinese company Tencent and PUBG Corp. launched the mobile version of the game and the rest is history.

PUBG mobile clocked the largest active gamer base in the history of any game. There are several significant but simple reasons by which PUBG made itself a sensation in the whole world. The belief of simplicity and quality gaming under your figure tips with an equal amount of adventure made the PUBG global success.

--- Creation of Industries --

PUBG can be considered as a breakthrough in the online streaming industry. As the content creators have an audience in millions. Youtube and Twitch, the two major streaming platforms recorded significant growth in their user count after PUBG happened to the world. We witnessed gamer celebrities around the world in which the most favorite one is an Indian, his name is Naman Mathur a.k.a Mortal. Mortal has a subscriber base of 3 Million. Tournaments happening at the world level and the fame people are digging in those tournaments are attracting more people to join the game.

PUBG has effectively affected the smartphone industry of the world because a large section of the smartphone market is getting conscious about better smartphone configuration to play games like PUBG in the last 2 years smartphone market has evolved drastically. Now you can find a decent phone for gaming at Rs 10,000 and flagship-level phone at Rs 30,000. A video game that has shaped several industries is the example of the sky is the limit.

In 2018 PUBG earned around 1 billion dollars in just 10 months of its launch which is 6,363 crore rupees in Indian currency and In 2019 they are expected to earn more than this, which signifies one thing that nothing can stop that idea whose time has come.

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