Networking Tips:

If you are good at networking, then you will get good opportunities which no one will get. Networking is about how well you know them and how well they know you. Make deep and meaningful relationships not superficial and materialistic. You can make meaningful relationships by givers gain (means who gives more will also get more). Here are few tips to improve networking

Try to use your influence if any person would require your help

Spend money when required but don’t use your network to get small discounts.

Rather than meeting in groups plan 1-1 to deepen relationships

Don’t give your business card as you meet, make a positive impact on the person you meet and always

write where you met them and any commitments made at the back side of the card. This will help in

making other person to understand about your sincerity and trustworthiness

Always try to network with people who are not at all like you. To meet a high profile person request

them for an advice or an interview, so that there will be chances of giving time to you.

Follow the above steps to build a good network with people.

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