Play With Your Anger or How not to get angry?

Why do we get angry? It’s when no one listens to us repeatedly or you are not responsible for something but still have to bear the brunt of it or when someone is lying again and again. Actually we have trained ourselves to get angry right from childhood and eventually it becomes one of our values and once something becomes a value, the mind doesn’t object it and becomes a default behavior. If you don’t interrupt a value, it won’t change its path. Whenever you are angry, just slow down the pace of the drama and understand what goes in your mind. Do you know that anger is not the first emotion you feel in that situation, the first one could be disappointed and the second is anger. But if you hold only others responsible for disappointment and not yourself then only it will get converted to anger. But once the habit of seeing your responsibility establishes, your life can be set and can have a control over your anger.

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