Science behind Evil Eye

People generally believe in the Evil eye .Let us understand the science behind this evil eye. Dr. Masaro Emoto of Japan has written many books on this topic. He has even showed an experiment with 3 glasses which were filled with rice and water in equal proportions. Then they talk to the 1 st glass saying I love you and you are the best and the same way they talk to the 2nd glass saying you are ugly, dirty and I hate you and leave the third glass without talking. They talk to the glasses for 15 days and after 15 days, the rice in the first glass start fermenting and turns pure white.2nd glass rice turns black and third glass rice will be half white and half black. According to Dr. Emoto, molecular structure of water will change according to positive or negative energy given to it. Our words and thoughts will have so much of energy.

Same way River Ganges is always pure as people feel blessed when they take a bath in it. Blessed is a very positive emotion. Holy water concept exists from a long time. Long back saints use to take water and pour on humans to curse them as energy multiples in water. Human body is covered with 70% of water and people who are jealous of you can make a negative impact. Impact on kids is more as they have neutral energy and are very sensitive towards positive and negative energy. But for adults if they have more positive energy like doing prayers, self confidence, spreading good words and doing good deeds, then they can overcome the negative effects from others.

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