Secrets of Tony Robbins- revealed!

In this blog, we will learn about the secrets of Tony Robbins whose net worth is 3,500 crores. Tony Robbins is an American author, motivational speaker, and a life coach. He started his career when he was 17 years old. His seminar is attended by ten to fifteen thousand people and he takes seminars continuously for 12 to 14 hours. Tony has become very popular as he was able to bring a shift in people. His talks are so powerful that he could transform/change the lives of millions of people. The only condition is that the person listens to him and be receptive to his talks.

This blog will help you to learn how to make an individual listen by sharing the secrets of the most renowned motivational speaker- Tony Robbins.

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The below listed are the techniques to SPEAK FOR MIILIONS:

Speaking for millions Technique No 1:

Speaking speed is the key.

Generally, it is believed that an individual has a listening capacity of 400 to 450 words and a speaking capacity of 150 words. Tony speaks around 200 words. The reason is Tony is aware that if he increases the speed of his speech then, people’s attention will be on him without any deviation, as hearing capacity is more than speaking capacity.

Because of his speed, he will be able to grab the attention of the people for a long time. His seminars last for 14 hours and people focus on his speech without any deviation in their mind.

When Tony speaks in a fast-pace, he has high energy and that energy will transmit to his audience.

The impact of that energy from one seminar will last for years together on the audience.

All his speeches are prompt and not scripted. He talks about whatever he feels is apt for the moment. This is the reason for his fast speaking and there is proper synchronization of what he thinks, feels and speaks.

Many people think that he is able to speak because of his practice from giving seminars but it will be highly impossible to practice.

He should also maintain the same speed while answering questions to the audience and answers are given immediately and can’t be scripted.

To maintain the speed Tony walks fast with big steps on the stage. The reason is he keeps himself in a physically fit state so that he can be mentally alert to answer the questions from the audience immediately as there will be many questions from thousands of audiences.

Bringing the same energy in front of the camera is very difficult. There are big speakers who set fire on stage but can’t perform in front of the camera in a closed studio. If you want to learn how to speak confidently in a stage or in front of a camera like a pro, then click on the below link

Speaking for millions Technique No 2:

Asking a lot of how many of you questions?

The signature style of Tony is how many of you can relate to this say "I" and many people will say I.

As per Tony, you should never think the audience as the audience and treat the audience as participants so they will always want to be engaged. Everyone wants to interact with the speaker, talk to the speaker and keep his point in front of them. So Tony always asks a question for every 1 or 2 minutes. His question will be "How many of you can relate to this say I", and the audience gets engaged and maintain high energy. If energy is high then they will understand and learn.

He frequently asks questions and if he doesn’t receive proper answers then he will understand that the energy in the room has come down and he will explain the same topic again with an example and repeats the same question how many of you can relate? then answer will come with a big "I", with this he will understand that he can continue to the next topic.

There will be no end of questions from a speaker. There can be an end to the speech but not to questions as it increases the energy of your audience.

Speaker is like a mentor, who can change the mindset of people and transform their lives. To know the importance of a mentor and his role click on the below link

More the questions, better the results

There is one more advantage of asking questions at the beginning of the seminar. People will judge you at the beginning and as a speaker, you will be nervous but if you ask questions, then people will be busy thinking about the answer and will not judge you, which is an advantage for the speaker.

Speaking for millions Technique No 3:

Proper Standing Posture

In order to have the right emotion, we should have the right motion.

Proper physiology and the correct way to stand and walk will have a major impact on your speech. Always stand with your backbone straight in a power pose.

Power pose means back straight, shoulders down as if you are carrying two heavy buckets, hands near your thighs chest out and chin up that is called a power pose.

There will be a huge weight to your speech and personality in this power pose. We know that people will also see the speaker apart from listening to the speech and they relate both which will create an impact. So always keep a power pose. There should be movement of your jaws to maintain clarity of speech and proper pronunciation which will reach your audience. The spine should be flexible which will decide tonality of voice. High pitch, mid-pitch and the low pitch will come from flexibility from your spine.

Sometimes we should pretend during storytelling as body movement is required during storytelling.

There should be body movement and gestures, which will come only if your spine is flexible.

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Fitness is very important for a world-class speaker. They say that if you speak for one hour with high energy, then you are running for 5 km and if you have to speak for 8 hours on high energy, then it is 40hrs of running.

A fit body and active mind will always bring confidence and help you to perform more. If you want to be physically fit, follow the below link which will provide guidance to improve your health and make you physically fit.

Tony is a very tall person but still makes big gestures. The reason is if a person who is 50feet away from you is looking at you and you look smaller than his mobile. This states that your competition as a speaker is not with other motivational speakers but with the mobile kept in the audience pocket.

So it is very important to have great body language to attract people and engage them in your speech for a long time.

This is the main reason for people to invest crores of money in making a 2-hour movie. As a speaker, you have to speak in such a way using your body language and expressions that the audience will listen to you for hours together and listen regularly and bring a major impact on their life. Most people think that they should not give a speech by keeping hands inside the pocket as it looks rude but every individual has their own style of comfort.

Tony also follows the same style of keeping his hands inside the pockets and giving a speech.

It is crucial for a speaker to decide what is important, being comfortable and giving a good speech or follow manners and etiquette.

The main formula to improve your confidence is nothing other than your comfort. If you give importance to etiquette, you tend to focus more on it and forget what you want to convey. The main reason to follow etiquette should be not to hurt other’s feelings.

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So the main learning from this case study would be

1. Speak fast as hearing capacity is more

2. Ask How many of you questions, means how many can relate to it, say I or raise hands

There will be more engagement, energy by asking questions and

3. Emotion=motion

Maintain proper body posture to create a great impact on the audience’s mind.

These are the few secrets of Tony Robbins, a successful entrepreneur whose coaching methods meet the highest level of success and his teaching touched the lives of top athletes and entrepreneurs. He also extends his helping hand to individuals through his charities and is a really

inspirational person.

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