Story of 2 Yogis by Swami Vivekanand’s

Once, Narad was going towards the heaven, on his way he saw a yogi surrounded all over by ants and

doing meditation. Yogi asked Narad to check with God that how much time it will take for him to get his blessings and attain moksha . Narad said he will inform yogi on his way back and Narad moved ahead.

He saw another yogi who was doing dance and singing unusually. Even the second yogi also requested him to check with God about his Moksha. Narad moved towards the heaven and after few days in his return he went to the first yogi and informed him that it will take four more births to get god’s blessings. Yogi got upset listening to this as he has to bear the pain of ants bite for so many years.

Narad left from there and went to the second yogi and told that he will attain Moksha only after taking births equal to number of leaves in the tamarind tree. Other yogi was very happy and said that god loves him and at least he will be able to meet god .

Narad was surprised with his behavior meanwhile thunderstorm occurs and a voice

echoes saying that the second yogi was granted moksha because of his patience and will power.

Through this story,Swami Vivekanand wants to tell to all the entrepreneurs not to make their

entrepreneurship journey painful and make it more happier. Few people think if there is pain then they

will attain success but it is not true. You should know how to make the journey happier. If you make the

journey of your hard work happier, it will make you calmer and get new creative ideas which will take

you towards success.

“Consistently working Hard Is Important Not Suffering”

People who feel their business journey as suffering, then they will be always unstable and won't get

any creative ideas .Even science has proven that happy people are more creative.

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