Story of Raja Harishchandra

One day, Lord Indra asks vashist if there is anyone who is honest and truthful. Then vashist informs that Raja Harishchandra is very honest and genuine and always keeps up his words but viswamitra will not be ready to agree with Vashist and will come to the kingdom of Raja Harishchandra to test him and prove that Vashist was wrong. Viswamitra will test the King in all possible ways like taking away his kingdom, making him work under an outcast and even making him to kill his wife. Raja Harishchandra proves his honesty by keeping his promise. Finally Viswamitra agrees the greatness of the King and bless him.

With the help of the above story, we can understand how to create goodwill in the market. We can gain popularity and make a brand by fulfilling our commitments as it builds trust on the company which cannot be copied by any of the competitors. People should feel insured but not assured.

In your business, you should imagine that you are the King and your promise is your passion towards business .Rishi viswamitra is all the tough times and tough situations. If you overcome the tough phase, you change the situations and design your life and prosper in your business.

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