Story of Three Bees

Do you know about the 3 bees which can wake you up early?

There are 3 B’s which wake up at 6 am are:

1. Business:

With time business grow or not, but we get a lot of ideas to grow our business. But we don’t get enough

time to execute these ideas, and then this business bee will try to wake you up by 6.

2. Bacha/kids:

This is a bigger Bee, which will wake you up to take them for a walk, drop to school but you will tend to

sleep again and last bee is a dangerous bee

3. Bee-Mari (sickness):

Doctors will also suggest you to do a morning walk to maintain your health but by that time you would

have crossed your age and became victim of illness.

So it’s time for you to decide for which B you want to wake up early.

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