The best strategy to create a Brand and tips to impress clients

The brand is a unique name, design or logo given to a business entity, product or service to distinguish it from other similar products or services. The practice of branding is prevalent for a long time and it is very important for any business organization. The Brand is like a promise from a business entity to its customers. It reflects the nature of business in the customer’s mind and also creates a memorable impression. It also helps in providing direction and motivation to its employees. There are many types of brands like service brands, organization brands private brands, company brand and many more. If you are new to the business and want to know the basics of branding and its importance, then click on the below link

Branding can be a personal brand or company brand. Most of the people often get confused if they have to start their business with a company name or with their personal name. This blog will help you to solve two major problems of business

1. The problem of branding and provides a solution for an interesting question whether it should be a personal brand or a company brand and what the best strategy is?

2. How to impress clients and grow your business

Coming to branding, for easy understanding about personal brand, I would like to share my example the name of my company earlier was thinking and Training, which was a company’s brand and now the name is Jitesh Manwani Academy of Change. It is Jitesh Manwani based brand. Names like Wipro, Samsung are again a company’s brands. Generally, personal brands always become more popular than the company’s brand.

People generally have an opinion that personal brand will be there as long as we are there. If we take a few examples of popular brands like Reliance, even though DheeruBhai Ambani is not there, still reliance is famous but the brand Reliance is different and even initially the first brand of reliance textiles was established by the name of “Vimal”. Vimal was a personal brand and it was Mr. Ambani’s cousin’s name. Actually personal brand is the best ways to make your brand grow quickly and become famous.

The below link provides you the secrets and success stories of Indian entrepreneurs. Click to know more about them

We can also take an example of Google searches, eight years before 50% of searches used to be with the company’s names and the remaining 50% was with people’s names.

But if you check the existing scenario the trend is 92% of people search with people’s names or personal’s brands and only 8% with the company’s names.

Slowly people are getting connected with people and they don’t want to connect with LOGO or company but they want to connect with people that are the personal Brand

A person who is very famous because of his personal brand is Mr. Tony Robbins. To know more about Tony Robbins Click on the below link to know about Tony Robbins, a famous motivational speaker and a coach

One more example of a personal brand is, Chanel is a popular brand but it is the name of a person, Gabriel Chanel. If you see Oprah Winfrey’s (which is also a personal Brand) show in a podcast, the ad is shown for Gabriel Chanel but not Chanel. If they want they can promote as a company brand Chanel but they are promoting as Gabriel Chanel that is a personal brand. Mr.Mukesh Ambani and his Children have launched JIO and Steve Jobs as a brand is also very strong and even Apple is a popular brand. If you want to understand a personal brand, it is simple, Steve Jobs Sold millions & billions of phones by speaking. It is called Speak for millions. These days’ people connect with people and not with LOGO. A personal brand is a people and LOGO is a company’s Brand

The best strategy is to go by Reliance which was shared above, First, create with your personal brand and you will become popular quickly as a personal brand represents your personality, attitude and easy to create a brand.

You will not be able to understand the personality of the brand Airtel but you can very well understand the personality of Jitesh Manwani, Steve Jobs or Mukesh Ambani.

The above-stated examples will give a clear understanding of branding. If there is a personality attached to a brand, people will relate that will result in trust and create loyalty and if there is loyalty you will win premium and create a brand. We create a brand to get the premium.

If you are an expert in your field or want to be an expert, then how could you market? If you are able to market yourself, then you can establish a brand and later a company. By personal brand you would represent the face of your business and people will be able to recognize instantly and will give the desired impression of your company. Branding also makes advertising your product much easier. It helps your business stand out from the competitors. Once your business becomes popular with your personal brand, you can go to a company’s brand. Reliance also followed the same. Reliance also created Vimal which is a personal brand and now it is under the LOGO of Reliance (company name)

Similarly, Jitesh Manwani is a brand now but slowly it will change into Jitesh Manwani Academy of Change (JMAC), where other trainers can also join.

I think this makes clearer about the new strategy that the majority of new companies are following. It works really well. Branding alone does not bring business; you should also plan a proper marketing strategy to earn profits. If you want to know a live case study which was successful with its marketing strategy, then click on the below link

If you follow the above tips while branding your product, you can become popular quickly and establish well in the market. Next comes how to impress clients and grow your business as branding alone will not bring profits and you should also learn how to impress your customers, investors and, clients.

How to impress clients?

Now that we are clear about branding and got an idea of marketing strategy, we will have a look on how to impress clients as there are the people who bring business and it is very important to focus on them

Communication experts say that people will judge you in the first 4 seconds. In those 4 seconds, people can have a look at your clothes, how you groom and body language and after 30 seconds, there will be a filter about you and judge you as per the filter. The filter is made by the other person and you should understand that the filter is made based on your behavior. The opposite person perceives you through that filter and talks to you. The same happens in your business too. Even people will judge you by your telephonic conversation and decide if they have to do business with you or not. The first impression is very important and micro-expressions like smile, eye contact, hand gestures, fidgeting, and posture speak a lot about general attitude and emotions. You will be able to create trust in your business by following proper gestures. We will generally hear ladies saying that I am not impressed by him in my first impression that clarifies how important is to maintain first impression to be the best. Eye contact makes a lot of difference as people will make a judgment, makes an opinion and then form a filter and communicates as per the filter. To understand the secrets of body language and to impress clients through your gestures, click on the below link

There are many times where people will not be able to succeed in a business meeting and it will be a success if any of the senior team members handle the same client and with the same points. Even the content of senior and the other person would be the same but the client got impressed with the senior because of his experience of handling clients and people will learn to handle clients with experience. If you miss people’s skills then it is difficult to impress clients.

Politeness and trust are also two important aspects of the business. Your body language, gestures, voice modulations and the words which you use create trust in the minds of your clients. Your looks and expression should reflect honesty. This is how you create an impression and click on the below link for the tips on dealing with customers

There are many reasons for the success of the business, if you follow a proper branding, plan a better strategy and maintain a good relationship with the customers, then it will be very easy to grow in any field.

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