Tips To Manage Time Effectively

In this blog, we are going to learn about time management as people generally struggle to manage time. It is very important to manage time effectively as we all know that success is not only earning profits but success is health, wealth and relationship. You will be successful only if you have all should work on relationships, health and wealth. It is difficult to work on these three and we generally focus on one and leave the other two. If we work on two then we leave third. We will learn how to get a hold on health, wealth and relationship as we often see entrepreneurs doing firefighting running from one department to another. There will be no proper planning and time management.

Success always depends on how well you manage time. There is an interesting article that helps us to understand the importance of time management. To know more click here

Let us discuss time management in detail

1. keep track of time

Keep track of time but how to keep track of time?

There is an interesting way to keep track of time known as an activity log. In this activity log, there will be a slot for every half an hour and you should make a note of activity that you have worked on that particular time and mark A, B, C tasks as per the priority. When you fill this format or activity log you will understand the time you are spending for a particular task. Make a note of all the work and give a break- up.

You can fill it. If you don’t have time to fill for every half an hour, then fill for every hour or once every two hours. Keep the activity log on your table and make a note of all your activities as you can’t manage time if you don’t understand where you are spending your time. As you keep a track of cash flows for money management the same way you have to make note of activities to understand where your time is consuming. In the activity log, the first column is time, second is a task and third is A, B, C means the priority of the tasks. A means very important, B means not very important and C means you should not do that work and someone else should do and you can avoid it. Even B work can be assigned and A is that work which will give you maximum results like 80:20 rule. You should do only that work and delegate the remaining. If you want to know about the work or tasks that an entrepreneur has to focus more.

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The Second way to keep a track of time is

2. Keep track of meetings

It is common that entrepreneurs will have many meetings. Keep a timekeeper for meetings. Sometimes meetings will consume more time with a lot of discussions. Keeping track will help to understand the time taken as there will be more meetings and work done will be less. With technological advancement, we have many tools to organize meeting minutes. Click here to know about the available tools

The third point in time management is

3.Using calendar

Make use of the software calendar like google calendar, you can easily schedule meetings or tasks. By doing this, you will understand the amount of time you have and spare time that you can allocate. Google calendar is a beautiful way to use for any of your work and meetings.everything can be marked in your calendar and you can know the time that you have to focus on other work. Making use of the calendar is the most powerful way. Your team members will also know how much you are occupied and they can fix your appointments as per your calendar time. To know the best calendar apps, click here

Fourth and very interesting is

4. To keep a buffer time

Buffer time is the time where you will not be working and as an entrepreneur, it is very important to have a buffer time. For example, if you are working for 9 hours, don’t schedule your work for 9 hours as it is hard to follow but fix for 6 hours and 3 hours will be your buffer time. You will never know about contingency situations. You should always plan for 6 hours. You can have buffer time if you automate your business and to understand how to automate your business.

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By following the above points, you will be able to keep a track of time and plan your activities. As an entrepreneur, you should always try to delegate most of your work and remain stress-free . To learn more on delegation

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Once you track your time, there are a few more interesting activities that you should follow in order to manage time effectively and will be posted soon in our next blog. Stay tuned for our next blog post.

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