Unemployment in India WHY?

When we ask youth about their success in their 25 yrs, then would reply yes and the same youth after 40 years when they reach 65, gets to know the real statistics that 1 will be millionaire, 4 were financially independent, 54 were dependent on others for daily needs and remaining were living in mediocre lifestyle which is not called success and they don’t deserve what they desire.

We all wish to know why Youth UN-EMPLOYMENT is a major cause in India. Why there is not much placements in spite of many job opening .As per a survey, In India 80% engineering graduates are unemployable and one more article shows that 47% graduates are unemployable for any jobs. As people lack skill set. Ability comes from skill set. If you don’t have a specific skill set required, then you are not employable and can’t be successful.

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