Video Marketing for Small Businesses

What are Video Sales?

People generally think that video sales will not work in their business but we can use videos to sell any kind of products.

· America’s topmost real estate builder Grant Cardone used video sales for his real estate business

· Baba Ramdev used the technique of video sales to sell his FMCG products

· Kylie, a US-based makeup products brand sell their products using video sales

· GaryVee sell wine using video sales

· People in the US sell sculptures, plumbers make youtube videos to market their services

There used to be a difference between India and the US a long time before which has reduced drastically. So even we should invest in video sales to improve our business.

In this blog, we will learn real-life examples of small businesses and how they can promote their business with videos.

The relationship between videos and trust prevails for a long time. If you keep watching the videos of the same person regularly, then you automatically trust him in your subconscious mind. The relationship between trust and sales is very strong.

People who run small businesses always think that they don’t have content for their videos.

In this blog, we will understand real-life examples of how to make video marketing using the power of videos. Click here to get video ideas for any businesses

If a baker wants to do video marketing, then he can make interesting videos on the below topics

· Difference between cookie and biscuit

· How to make cookie dough

· The baking process of donuts

· The history of Birthday cake

By making videos on the above topics, people who follow will remember the baker, understand his knowledge, and increase trust in him and approach him for buying on any occasion like birthdays or anniversaries. A small business can be extremely successful if there is proper planning. Click here to know about the success formula of Haldiram’s

Make videos and post them on social media but not on youtube as you always have friends on your social media and they are your valuable customers.

Choosing topics for videos is an art and you get ideas by following the below formula

Pick P.I.C

Pick Customers P.I.C

P- Problem

I- Interest

C- Confusions

The topics can be on the

· Problems faced by the customer like how to make a dough, how to clean an oven

· Interests of customers like a baking process of donuts and

· Confusion like the difference between cookie and donut

You have to understand P.I.C of your business and make videos on them

If you have a men’s apparel store and want to do video marketing, then you can make interesting videos from P.I.C formula

· Problem-related topics like step by step guide on how to buy a perfect shirt, how to read washing instructions, how to handle black stains

· Interests- the shirt manufacturing process, reaction videos on current topics

· Confusion- Difference between linen and cotton fabrics

You might doubt why should you make videos on the above topics and why not post pictures of the apparel. These videos are to entertain the audience but not to sell your products. You can sell on Flipkart and make videos to educate them. People will follow your videos and trust you and come to your shop to buy apparel. Click here if you want to know how to be confident in front of the camera

An advance tip to make videos is to search for an interesting topic of your industry on youtube and follow the channel on the top vloggers. The top vlogger will know about how people are searching on youtube and post as per the audience requirement. Study those topics and make videos on those topics to get good ideas.

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