What to do after office hours?

Updated: Jul 19, 2018

There’s a very important quote by JACK MA, “Success is highly dependent on what you do after work.” But no we don't believe in this rather we like to enjoy and have fun drinking, dancing with our freinds. I’m not against drinking but nowadays it has increased so much and especially after a tiring day at work, people usually prefer this only. But where is this coming from? This is coming from the source where fashion came i.e. movies, media & entertainment. So how can we prevent this?

1. Reduce the level of entertainment and increase the level of edutainment.

For example, you’re always watching these MTV shows where girls are in short clothes, parties happening, alcohol, big cars, jets, etc hit us so hard on our subconscious mind that we start feeling the same and we tend to start following them. So rather than watching MTV, trolls or AIB switch to watching HOW TO DO videos like:

How to train your dogs? How to service your inverter? How to service your AC? How to shave? These are all fun to do things. Either you can listen to good speakers like Sandeep Maheshwari, Tedtalks, and Vivek Bindra. Because what we are exposed to is what we follow.Your only focus should be on things which take you to next level, and how will you reach that level, it can be achieved through courses and there are several websites for these online courses. Go and enroll now, today with the help of this technology we can have from the world’s best.

2. Consumer Mindset to Producer mindset.

We have to change our mindset from consumer mindset to producer mindset. If I’ll ask you now what are your hobbies and interests? Some people will say listening to music, watching movies, etc but are these things having some kind of creation? NO, these are interests not hobbies, as hobbies include creation and interest includes consumption and the consumer need to always spend money. Now come down to production level or creation level like sketching, singing, dancing, pottery, artwork and create something tangible. CREATIVITY- CREATE + AN ACTIVITY. Sunday should be a hobby day. This gives us the feeling of joy of creation.

3. Bring your focus from tongue to toe.

We are Indori people and we love to eat butter chicken, tandoori chicken and we know where we’ll get the best taste of kachori, samosa and all. But no we should do activities which involves a toe like in Indore we can do Smash, Mystery rooms, Safari Adventure Park, Regional Park, go on trek at Rala Mandal or maybe simple board games, badminton, etc. Whenever you go close to nature you go closer to your own nature.

4. Find what’s trending inside you.

The difference between what is trending inside you and what is trending outside you is that what is going inside you will automatically take your focus on that direction and in the latter it involves what the society is doing to you. You know Mark Zuckerberg reads 1 book in a month, Elon musk reads 2 books in a month, Operah Winfrey reads 1 book in a week, and Bill Gates reads 500 pages in a day. If you will bring this into your life, whatever your heart wants to do and is signaling you to do should be done. We should never ignore the signals our body gives but we should catch it.And now from where does this trending comes from? As we discussed in point no. whatever content we consume, you’ll be curious about it, like parenting, body language, passion, investments, explore all these topics. Whatever you want to do and your body is giving signals, never ignore it.

5. Join a purposeful social group.

For example join BNI (Business Networking Individuals) if your business needs contacts and references, if you like Public speaking you can join TOASTMASTERS, if you want to know about startups details you can join a group called ECHAI, if you have interest on Management you can join IMA, if you have interest on nature join a adventurous group or you’re interested in social group you can join Rotary, Lion’s or Leo group.We always think a social group is our friend’s group, true but you should not always be with these 3 friends but you should broadened your network and meet new people who would help you to grow.For ex. A painter should go and have a discussion with a banker or a banker can go to a museum. Do the opposite of what you generally do and you will feel wonderful. That opens your creative genius, left and right brain both and your problem solving skills will improve.

6. Pick a chair and put it on your parent’s room.

Lift your chair up and put next to your parents and just give them company at whatever they’re doing, if your mother is watching TV sit next to her. She will also feel good in this and you will also feel the same. Some people nowadays, mostly young generation says that my mother talks about trivial things which are not important. Just open your social media kids and see what trivial things you post, a red velvet pastry you ate yesterday is no one’s concern or if you went to a 5 star hotel in shimla and you check in on facebook, how does it make a difference to your 2500 friends. If you can do these things so you can listen to you mother too.

And with your kids, you can get up and play physical games with them. When you’re playing physical games with your kids their subconscious mind is open and active, you can teach them some good moral values which you want them to have.

Sitting in you chair will help you to connect with your parents and getting up up from your chair and playing will help you to connect you with your kid.

Thank you! Stay tuned for our next blog, hope you found it useful.

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