Why hire a Secretary & how to decide salary?

This article deals with the HR aspects of a business. Irrespective of the size of the organization, managing human resources is very tough for any entrepreneur. The success of a business depends on people management. Let us discuss in detail the importance of a secretary in the organization and how to decide a team’s salary.

A Secretary is an employee who is responsible for the smooth administration of the company.

When you have too many things to do in less time and when those things don't need most of your mental efforts then it is very important to have a secretary. There will be many little things which will be insignificant but when you start doing them it will take a lot of time and effort. If your company has a decent size, then having a secretary/ executive assistant is very important as you will have time to do something more important and bigger. They can handle such tasks which are important but time taking. that way, the entrepreneur will not be caught up in just the fire fighting tasks but more crucial tasks for the business.

Having a secretary will help you in handling client calls and responding to them, fixing appointments, maintaining reports, organizing meetings, and managing office databases, coordinating with staff and many more. All the above tasks look simple but if you as an entrepreneur work on them, then it would consume a lot of time. There are always a few tasks that an entrepreneur has to prioritize. To understand the importance of a secretary click on the below link


Choosing a secretary who can represent you in many important areas is also important and the secretary should be capable of multitasking and handle major responsibilities. There are traits that have to be considered to appoint a secretary but a few tips which you should follow to choose a secretary are listed below.

Tips to choose a secretary

1. Female and Middle-aged

Executive Assistant should be a middle-aged female who will work without leaking your business secrets. A secretary will be closely working with an entrepreneur and have knowledge about in and out of the business; she is responsible to maintain all the records and even communicate with vendors and customers on behalf of the manager.

It is always preferred to appoint a female secretary who can talk politely with clients and don’t leak your business secrets with others. There may be competitor companies who may want to know about your business secrets and it will be hard to convince females or to bribe them.

They are the right hand and backbone of any company and take very crucial decisions on behalf of their boss if required, it is always better to take a middle-aged female who can understand and manage large scale projects on behalf of the company.

The general job description of a secretary with the list of activities that an EA perform is given in the below link


2. Residing near the office

It would be easy if the secretary stays near to your office as it saves travelling time. A secretary may have to extend her working hours occasionally given the business requirements, so it is always helpful if a secretary stays near to the office location. A secretary should always be active and energetic. A secretary supports the administration of the company and maintains all important data. It would be an advantage if she stays near the office to assist in any company emergency.

3. Pay package

Secretary will replace the entrepreneur in many ways and she will have to manage many tasks that would look small but actually are complicated and require patience in handling. They also work long hours to ensure business success. They should also learn technological advancements and stay up-to-date to save the company’s money and time. They manage many administrative activities to support the manager. The pay package depends on the company size and nature of work but it can be 20k to 25K as she replaces you in most of the places.

4. Experience

If you appoint a good secretary, you can focus more on other work and increase your productivity and your business. An entrepreneur should always have more time to work on great ideas. So it very important for a secretary would have a minimum of 2 to 3 years of experience. She plays a vital role in shaping company culture and fresher may not have the experience to understand the team and build a better work environment. It is always advisable to appoint EA (executive assistant) who has experience as it takes less time to train them and make them understand the job requirements.

Training secretary as per your business requirements is also crucial. You should also know how to delegate your work properly and stay without stress. The below link gives you an idea of how to be without stress and be successful


If there is a proper delegation of work, there is no need for any entrepreneur to spend long hours at the office. We often see entrepreneurs working for more than 14 hours to set things as he is a key member of any organization. Time management is very important for businessmen and it only possible with the help of proper organizational structure.

It is also important for every individual to spend the time after office in a very productive way and maintain a balanced life with health, wealth and a good social life. Click on the below interesting link which will help you to be a better person and suggest better ways to spend after long gruelling office hours.


How do you decide on the Team’s salary?

Another important feature of entrepreneurship is deciding the team’s salary. We all understand the importance of salary or pay packages that drive employees to perform actions. People will work only for the pay and this is one of the main motivational factors to retain the employees. It is a basic need that has to be considered by the employer. The salary of team members shouldn’t be too much or too less. It should always be at par with the industry to maintain satisfaction among the employees. The salary can differ by 10% from the industry standards. According to research, non-monetary motivational factors help to achieve organizational goals at a very low cost. There are companies that give big packages but they have bad work culture. They often pay more and do not meet the employee’s social needs. They make them work for long hours and the team will not have proper work-life balance and finally, they leave the organization even after having a good package.

Most people don’t realize that money is not the biggest motivation. If you respect your employees and their work and provide good growth opportunities, they will be happy working for a little less than industry standards. The work culture in any organization should be like a culture of a sports team where every individual runs for the same goal. People will be ready to work if you implement the same work culture. If you respect your employees and their work, they will be ready to work with you for a little less than the industry standards. You can make happy employees by following this technique and they will be ready to work with you even if you don’t have the capacity to pay more.

Even though the salary is an important motivational factor for employees, there are many other non- monetary rewards which increase the productivity or morale of the employees. The below link has a list of motivational factors that every organization has to implement to see happy employees.


When you have to manage a team, it is important to retain employees to achieve your business goals. Most of the employees spend one-third of their day in the office and become every important to manage a good work environment and a better relationship to maintain a positive work environment. Lack of understanding or belief will result in low job satisfaction among the employees. Click on the below link to learn about team psychology which suggests that humans have an innate need to be in groups and help us to make use to this psychology to improve their satisfaction and productivity of the company.


There are many factors that result in the success of the business and help towards more productivity and efficiency. Human resource plays a vital role in managing people and handling work culture. Both employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction are equally important for a favorable outcome of any business.

It is very important to have appropriate staff who works towards the organizational goals and well-planned team’s salary to retain the employees and keep them motivated.

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