Why Small Towns Win Over Metros?

We all want a better life style for which we would require better opportunities and good earnings which

are available only in cities. But that is not the actual lifestyle.

Lifestyle is divided basing on 2 aspects, one is standard of living and the other is quality of living.

Standard of living means degree of wealth and material comfort available to a person .If you are able to

afford expensive things, and then your standard of living is good but quality of life means degree of

well being, happiness comfort and health of a person.

Quality of living is much bigger than standard of living of a person. In any metropolitan cities,you can find better standard of living, they will have high end cars but they spend lot of time on roads because of traffic. They can afford TV but flats are small. They will have air conditioner but have to breathe polluted air and coming to small towns standard of living is little less but quality of life is much better. With the growing internet technology you will be able to do your work from all over India, so stop your negative thoughts about towns and think big to improve your standard of living and quality of life.

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