YouTube: How To Make A Viral Content And How To Create A Green Screen

Updated: Feb 4, 2020

Making youtube videos and earning through Vlog is the common practice these days. There are many people who have talent in their field of interest and want to spread their knowledge through their videos or vlogs it might be through their art and craftwork, cooking, coaching, speaking skills, DIY, home tours, parenting and many more and there is no end for the Vlogs. You might have great knowledge in your field but you should also know how to present yourself in front of your audience. If you follow this blog, you would be definitely able to make money out of your passion. As per an article in economic times, there is a wonderful future for people who are planning to make a career through Vlog. A few examples are shared in the link. Click

This blog helps you to earn money through your interest and help to make a very good vlog. You can earn income sitting at home and grab the interest of many people to watch your video. To make an attractive video there are two important aspects which you should consider

1.Content and retention of audience

2.Background presentation

The solutions for these problems are solved in this blog. The Solution for the first blog is given below

How to make viral video content?

You might have very good knowledge to share with people but unless you try to retain them, it will be very difficult to share the knowledge. Many people have a doubt on how to make a video viral through the content. So here are a few tips which will help you to catch the attention of your target audiences. How can you make an attractive video?

Visually Attractive Video: You should make a video in such a way that it would grab the attention of viewers in the first 30 seconds. People who are watching your video will not have the patience to wait until the end to follow you. Your video might be long but people will watch till the end if you are able to hold them for the first 30 seconds. Make your video visually attractive by following the below tips:

Facial expressions: The way we communicate and create an impression about us depends mainly on facial expressions. If you are able to give various facial expressions, then people will definitely see the video. Facial expressions are the basis and should be catchy. It is known that people are attracted to the people and follows them as they have emotions and you should show emotions like happiness, fear, surprise on your expressions while making your video. The below link helps you to understand the importance of body language and how to make use of facial expressions to make great video content. So without missing click on the below link to have a better understanding

Body Language Decoded by Jitesh Manwani - Click

High contrast

You would have seen in craft videos, making proper use of high contrasts like a green light and dark blue background or red color with a white background. Your eye will grab attention with the use of high contrast in colors. Colors influence people's behavior and each and every color you use symbolizes the content. Make use of warm and bright colors to have a different looking shot and a flawless image in front of the audience.


A different design that makes you feel what exactly is video all about. You should be able to build curiosity among the viewers There is a small video on where we used a toy of a small kid then generally people watch to understand what exactly is the video is all about. Designs work on human curiosity Same in Shopify, there was an ad for an umbrella which was looking very different and attracts you to watch it and make you think what exactly is the video all about. Even if you are giving a scenic look in your video, where there are many people, beautiful landscapes, then also people tend to get attracted. We are generally attracted to nature and even attracted to humans. Make use of different designs to promote your video.

You can also promote your products or services through posting videos on Youtube. If you are new to the business and want to know how to improve your products or services, then follow the below interesting blog which will help you to improve your products.

How to Improve your products - Click

Fast Cut

In our video, how do you start your day we gave a very fast cut with blink feeling in the video. We also made a video on the testimonials and feedback of participants, in that there were many cuts showing different participants where people were changing in the initial video, then starts their audio, first was the video of the participants and then comes the video. We were able to get the attention of the video by those cuts which are shown initially. These fast cuts in the first 30 seconds will also help to grab the attention of the audience.

If you are a professional like a doctor, architect, lawyer or interior designer, then vlogs will help you to spread your knowledge to the audience and gain publicity. Most of the professionals don’t go for advertising as they feel that it is against their code of ethics but if you want to understand how to advertise if you are professional, then click on the below

How to advertise yourself if you are a professional - Click

If you follow these tips, you can make an attractive video and post in facebook video ads or Instagram ads that will bring the attention of many people and also gain many leads of your customers. The second important element for making an attractive video is the background, you can make an attractive background by experimenting different background, in this blog we are going to learn how to make a perfect green screen at home for your video presentation

How to make a green Screen?

In this, we will learn how to shoot perfect green screen videos. We can shoot different videos by using a green screen. When you shoot a video background plays an important role and the clarity of the video depends on a perfect background color selection.

How to make a perfect screen for shooting a video?

This blog is about an ordinary green screen that is very smooth and available with any outdoor studio. To make the screen smooth it has to be clipped at the edges and pulled down. There are weights hanged down at edges to get a very good finishing. There should not be any folding on the screen while shooting a video as folding on the screen will make a video look worse. Another problem is the shadow of a person that is shown on the screen. When you stand near the screen your shadow will be usually reflected in the background. The Shadow should not be seen as it will be a problem for the video editor. The best way to solve the shadow problem is to make use of lights as the shadow of a person giving a speech will make the video less presentable. Lights are the biggest challenge to avoid shadow in your video. Use a room which has white paint because white paint reflects a lot and if it is a dark room or big room, then you have to make use of many lights. One more problem with the green screen is the patches at the edges and we should use a bright light to focus on it to avoid patches. Make use of box lights that makes the room bright. Make a point that the green screen should reflect evenly in the whole video so that the clarity of the video is intact. You should also require a very good quality microphone. Rode wireless go phones are expensive but are of very good quality microphones and even Boya microphones are good and easily available in Amazon. Handed microphones are available in the market which is wireless. Corner microphones with wires that are budget-friendly also work very well. Click on the below link to know about the best options of microphones available in the market.

Microphones for Youtubers - Click

Coming to the camera option initially, you can make use of Canon700D or sony NX5 that is a video camera and about video editing using a green screen, you can do it in iMovie editor or any other software like filmora or pinnacle. The screen will disappear by using an ultra key and you can use anything as your video background. This is how we make budget-friendly green screen videos at home. Apply these tips to make better videos for your Vlogs

If you are a beginner and want to get few tips on starting a youtube channel, click on the below link

With the growing technology, nothing is impossible these days. Make the best use of this blog and make an attractive video. Stay tuned for more information on business and entrepreneurship updates.

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