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Earn Million$ While Changing Lives

Digital Marketers, Public Speakers, Trainers, Entrepreneurs, Personal Brands, Influencers

Are You Ready To Earn A Fortune ?

A not to miss opportunity for all of you to start/grow your business as an influencer

 Sunday 13, October '19 

What You Will Learn

Jitesh Manwani

1. How to start speaking / influencing career?

2. Learn to captivate your audience in the room

3. The secret to become a highly paid brand / Person

4. A road map to market your Product/ service by speaking

5. Powerful body language needed for a speaker

6. Secrets Tony Robbins and Blair Singer taught me about speaking

7. How to conquer the fear of the stage and camera?

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What Is Speak For Millions

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Raj Shamani,

5 times Ted-x speaker

Jitesh never fails to astonish me with deep researched and practical solutions for every business and also his tips on 'speaking career '

I have been applying his strategies for 6 years and I have analysed that if you execute what he says in a correct manner, you will surely fly high

Pranay Rao, upcoming trainer

 During 'Speak for Millions' seminar, I learnt many techniques like how to 'scan the audience room', how to earn the right amount, how to upsell, how to give an irresistible offer and so on. This is the best I would say.

Himanshu Agrawal, Ceo, Fibhub

'Speak for Millions' was great from beginning to end and participants received great value from this. It was not just another seminar but one with real benefit and practical value and it is time to put all the lessons to good use.

Met Jitesh in a training program, I could sense that there is something different about him. His depth of knowledge, and his sincerity of efforts is what makes him stand apart from speakers of his generation. He is truely an inspiration to me and for sure many more.

mayank Batra

Trainer @google

With So much Versatility, Jitesh has always ensure to provide the maximum value to mentees and anyone who came across him. I've been following him on social media for quite a long time and have observed that his strategies are really easy and effective to apply.

Amber arondekar

Corporate Trainer

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